1. Introduction to Terra

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You can find all of the lore and more at our Steamhawke Wiki.


Steamhawke is set in an alternate world named Terra in which mankind travels in sky ships that fly using steam power. Otherwise the nations of Terra have more or less developed to a point equivalent to 19th century Earth, and that includes forms of Victorian-era fashion, culture and lifestyle.

The biggest difference is that on Terra an additional element can be found in nature named alkabellum. Trace amounts of this mysterious element are present in all forms of life (in the same way that iron can be found inside our blood) but the most concentrated source of alkabellum is in dextrocite ore found in some coal veins.

For an overview of the events that shaped Terra, see the Steamhawke Wiki Time Line.

To find more background information, writers are also encouraged to use the Nova site Search function.

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