1. Joining the Steamhawke

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Before you join

This is a collaborative writing game. It uses a system that is know as SMS or Nova by Anodyne Productions. The writing for the story of the rp is done on this site. Though we have a forum, the story writing does not happen there.

Steamhawke is a steampunk and fantasy based world. Your character should fit in to this world. If you are unsure if your character idea would work, please contact the story leaders through the contact form or the Chatbox.

To join, you have to register and include a biography in your application. You can always register on our out-of-character forum.

Personal details

The most important thing to fill in correctly is your email address. You will receive an email once you've been approved or rejected. If you forget your password, your password reset will be sent to your email address. And any notifications on posts and news will also be sent to your email address. After you log in, you can change the settings of the notifications you'd like to get.

Anything you fill in in your user bio is your own choice. You can use a nickname or your real name. User bio's cannot be read by guests. Whatever you share can only be seen by your fellow members.

Character biography and sample post

On the second tab, you can fill in your character's biography. Be as brief or elaborate as you like. The third part of the application is a sample post.

When a new player joins, he or she can choose a position on board the ship. How you fill that position is up to you, but it has to make sense in this world. Be inventive and use your imagination, but don't create a character from a fandom, book or tv series.

Application approved or denied

The admins of this site live and work in West-Europe. Though we check the site regularly, we can not approve or deny applications in the exact hour that you sent it in. Unless there are special circumstances, you can expect an application to be processed within three days. If you are not sure your application went through, you can always contact us through the contact form. Up until now though, we've always been able to approve or deny applications within one day.

Leave of Absence

If you think you may be getting into time trouble (deadlines for work, or school, or lots of parties and birthdays), you can notify the Story Leaders through pm, leave a note on the forum, and/or set your account to 'LOA' (leave of absence). This tells people they should not expect any work on joint posts from you for instance, and help people find active players to write with during your absence. It is not required to gice a detailed reason for your absence.

Leaving Steamhawke

You have joined, but you discover that the site doesn't offer you what you expected. It would be courteous to let the story leaders know you are leaving, so we can work together in writing out your character.

After Steamhawke

We do not delete written posts, because they are part of the story and often part of co-written work. We will set your account and your character to inactive if you want to quit the Steamhawke.

Setting users and characters to inactive

We ask a post per chapter, which means once every 4 weeks, and that can include a short diary entry or a line in a published joint post with someone else. Your account and your character will be set to inactive after 4 weeks of not logging in, or 4 weeks after last post if you do not respond to messages. Because we do not delete accounts, you can always request your character to be re-activated.

You can always get in touch with us through pm, email, the contact form or through the chatbox.

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