0. Mission statement

Created by Snot Rag Chops McGinty on Tue Oct 15th, 2013 @ 8:36pm

We want to collaborate with other writers on an ongoing story set in an original Steampunk setting. The story follows one particular band of Sky Pirates as they travel across the world in search of riches and power. The world is known as Terra and is a highly abstract and fantastical version of 19th century Earth complete with flying ships, multiple sentient races, and potent alchemy.

By using the Nova system we can collaborate on stories easier and deeper than on a forum. Multiple members can write one story together, returning to it to add or edit existing content. When the piece is finished it will become part of the ongoing plot.

By keeping Steamhawke light on rules, but high on common sense, we want to create a relaxed environment without any stress associated with writing with other people.

We do have a writing guide that details our desired style for the ongoing Steamhawke story. We prefer stories that are concise, grounded in the ongoing plot, and true to the adventuring spirit of Steampunk Sky Pirates.

We are not asking for perfect writing, we don't require people to hit minimum word counts, and we are not looking for long-winded stories that contribute nothing to the plot.

Our preference is to have a small group of writers that "get it" than a chaotic mass of people taking the story off in a hundred different directions.

Five and Daenelia are the story leaders. We make balanced decisions for the good of the story and of the Steamhawke website. The ongoing story is a collaboration but the way Steamhawke is run is not collaborative, and the owners of the site have the ultimate say.

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