3. Chapters

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Dividing the story up

Each post a writer adds to the story becomes part of the current chapter. All the chapters together tell the complete story. It is very possible to have something happen in one chapter that will have an effect in a later chapter.

Chapter Posts

A post, written by one or more writers, is always written for the current chapter and the current events that are happening. The writers make an effort to tell a continuous story, by hooking into the events and plots that have been introduced by themselves or other writers. Everything that is written in a chapter post is considered canon from that moment on.

Canon events

Canon events are not set in stone. Our characters are fallible, which means they can lie, be wrong, or simple unaware of the truth in certain circumstances. If for instance a character states 'I am not married', but three posts later a husband appears, we may assume the character had been lying. Or we may assume the husband is a fraud.

To come to an understanding of what is canon, or with which truth we're going, it is important that all writers discuss all the options. Usually a 'best way' presents itself. Resolutions of events are best if they are formed by common consent.

Diary Posts

Each writer can write diary posts, which exist outside the chapter timeline. These entries are not necessarily canon, and are not part of the chapter. To decide whether a post should be a solo post or a diary entry, think of how much the information you want to share is needed in the current chapter. Are you simply looking to have your character write down various thoughts or mundane things that happen on board, a diary post is a good choice. If however, your post with contain a lot of information other writers need to know about your character, their past, their actions and thoughts, consider adding it to the current chapter.


As story leaders, we have been very adamant about not wanting any flashbacks. This mainly refers to flashbacks within the current chapter's story. We want to avoid people 'backposting' to get their character in on an event they missed out on. For instance, a brawl happened at the start of the chapter. Your character was never written in. You can't write a new post that takes place at that brawl, if we have since moved on in the timeline.

However, flashbacks to your characters past, before they joined Steamhawke for instance, can be a good tool to further the story of the chapter. For instance if your character meets a bounty hunter who is after them, it is perfectly fine to write a post that takes place in the past. You could describe escaping the bounty hunter before, or the crime that lead to the bounty being put on your character's head.

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