2. Terra Residents

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Physically most people are like you and me, humans are diverse and can belong to one of many different cultures. The steampunk technology extends to prosthetics - men and women may have gone through surgery to replace lost body parts with artificial versions made of brass complete with cogs and pistons.

There are other sentient races on Terra. The aquatic elphin people and the mischevious kitlings have both woven themselves into society. These two races are the most common, and can be found on any sky ship.

The Ngafr are a small group of goat-like people who originate from Elladia. They rarely travel, and it is extremely rare to find a Ngafr outside of the islands of Elladia. Similarly, the bird-like people icari can be found in the Old West, but rarely outside of this region.

The Tainted are not a specific race. Any human, kitling or elphin can become tainted with dextrocite poisoning.

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