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New members become writers after their application has been approved. Once you recieve the 'accepted' email, you can log in using the details you entered on the joining page. At that moment, you have all the tools you need to start right away. You can send private messages to people, write a journal post outside the story line, join in the OOC chapter discussion post, and start your own post to introduce your character in the story. You can add other members to your post so that you can write with them, but this is not necessary.

Be Assertive

Members can determine their own introduction. Thhe new writer needs to be pro-active and assertive, and either be capable of writing their own first post by themselves, as in A Very Bad Week, or be capable of asking another member for help with writing a proper introduction together. Asking for help is not a problem. All writers love to help out, and are capable writers. They can also help in answering questions about the software.

If in doubt, Ask

Writing in NOVA may be daunting in itself, but writing in a setting that has been around for more than a year can also lead to questions. We don't expect you to know everything, and not every detail can be found in the wiki. So if in doubt, ask the story leaders.


Introducing new things to the setting is great! But to make sure it fits and is acceptable for other writers, talk things through on the forum or in a post where everyone is invited. Collaboration does not end with just the people involved in the post. You collaborate with everyone on the site, and the story leaders are there to streamline the lore added.


There are no strict rules on activity. We play it mostly by ear. That means that if we get to know you, and know when you might be less active, we won't immediately write your character out when you stop logging in. Members that don't interact much, and suddenly don't log in anymore, and don't write anymore, will make the impression that they have lost interest. Though we strongly encourage members who lose interest to let the admins know, we won't keep running after you to make you write. No posts for a month and no message will make your character eligible to be made inactive.

Writing characters out after writer becomes inactive

We aim to wrap up storylines for characters whose writer has become inactive. There are many lose ends that can be easily tied up by the writer themselves, if they decide to leave. For other writers, this is a way to have their own characters know what happened to the relationship between their character and the inactive one.

When a writer does not write out their own character, this will be done by the story leaders or a writer appointed by them. Writing an inactive character out will not include killing them off. We like to keep all options open. Inactive members may one day want to return and pick up their story again. Therefore, characters will be written out so that they leave the ship or the location that the story is taking place at, at the moment.

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