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List of active characters created by each writer

Note: this overview only contains characters in play in the current story. Members can log in and view the user profile by clicking on the link to 'User Info' on the biography page of each character.

When writers join Steamhawke they create a character which is added to the active characters list. This becomes the "main character" associated with that writer.

NPCs (traditionally "non-player characters") are additional characters that have been created to flesh out the ship positions or for the story.

Steamhawke members can write stories featuring any and all of the main characters and NPCs.

When a member leaves Steamhawke their main character is generally written out of the story.

All writers own all of the story, rather than just one or more characters. We collaborate on the story, which makes it belong to all of us.


  • Daenelia Bradley


  • Chops McGinty
  • John Colton - Guest Character


  • Brem de Berg


  • Ashrieda Sjaarda


  • Shanen Trevor


  • Omar Salah


  • Laurence Juhle-Vanco


  • Ophelia Delphine Fortesque-Grey

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