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The Staggering Shipwright

Posted on Wed Feb 1st, 2012 @ 4:17am by Mate Kanya Ashand

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust
Location: At the port of Mypos, Steamhawke

Kanya woke up, her head whirling. That was a minor side effect of essence of poppy seed, the drug she had been taking to ease the pain.

She had to admit, Dr. Yorvlad, the surgeon who had treated her right after her injury, had been very thorough with fixing her up. Her left arm was already nearly back to normal. She only had to wear a thin, unobtrusive strip of metal - sort of like a brace - to keep the fracture from going out of alignment. Her right shoulder still was very painful at times and had a similar but bigger metal brace as well as a sling. The doctor said it might take a few months to fully heal. The only qualm she had with Dr. Yorvlad's treatment was that she suspected he had been determined to cause as much pain as possible. In fact, after the horrible ordeal of putting her bones back together, Dr. Yorvlad had insisted that she take only a shot of rum at bedtime and "not worry about the pain." As if the pain would help her get better.

It wasn't until one of the deckhands took pity on her and smuggled a few vials of essence of poppy seed into her room that she experienced sweet relief. They had warned her not to take too much, because the stuff was addicting. That wasn't a problem. She hated the stuff. It was good for easing the pain, yes, but it dragged her down. She felt stupid while on the drug, her thoughts wandering here and there and dwelling on useless things. At times she had stopped taking it, just so she could get back to building ships in her head again, but the pain would eventually have her reaching for another vial again.

On the bright side, she had been taking less and less of the stuff lately. In fact, she felt good enough that she felt she wanted to walk back out on the deck again. She forced herself up and made her way to the door. Apparently, the drug had also affected her balance somewhat. Her pace was anything but straight and she had to keep grabbing things to make sure that she didn't fall over. Finally, she got to the door.

A burst of fresh winds greeted her as she opened the door. It was night time. In front of her were the shadows and gleaming lights that told her that they had landed in front of a city.

"Where are we?" she asked aloud.

"We're in Mypos, which is in Elladia." a cabin boy who had been scrubbing the deck nearby said.

"Haven't heard of it." She had been too busy maintaining the ship before she got injured to pay attention to where exactly they were going.

"Well, it's a nice place. They got really nice food here. And lots of treasure, from what I hear."

"Excellent." said Kanya.

Her thoughts wandered off for a bit, and her sight eventually focused on something that looked like a furnace in the distance.

"Say, could you help me over to the railings? I'm still a little dizzy."

"Sure thing, miss."

"Ouch! No, don't hold me by my right arm. It still hurts! There. That's better."

After what seemed like forever, the pair finally got to the railings where Kanya had a better view of the city.

"Thank you. This is excellent." Kanya said a little stupidly, as she tried to make more of the city in front of her.

The port itself was still busy with the hustle bustle of cargo being loaded and unloaded from the trade ships which surrounded Steamhawke. So far, Kanya wasn't quite impressed by these ships. While she supposed they were alright for trading standards, Steamhawke could easily outrun - and pillage - these ships if the captain wanted to.

"Isn't... isn't it a little quiet here?" Kanya asked suddenly. The port in front of her was busy, but she had realized that her own ship was eerily silent. Not even the sound of some of the boys laughing and drinking in the kitchen.

"Most everyone went off, miss." said the cabin boy, resuming his job scrubbing the decks. "Just me and you, and the ones the Captain said to guard the ship."

"How long have they been gone?"

"Didn't notice. Prolly a few days, maybe a week or so?"

"Do they ever come back?"

"Some of them come in and out. But no sight of the Cap'n herself."

Kanya thought for a while. "Strange, don't you think? We were here for treasure, right?"

"From what I hear, miss."

"We're not raiding any ships and we aren't being attacked, which means that we're probably not after any cargo and we're not here to siege this port either... And if they've been out of the ship this long, we must be after something on land..."

Kanya had a sudden urge to start exploring this mysterious land herself. Only two things were stopping her: First, her balance was still horrible. Second, she had prior bad experience with going off a ship without knowing what the rest of the crew had planned and getting left behind as a result.


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By Captain Daenelia Bradley on Wed Feb 1st, 2012 @ 7:57am

Yay for Kanya! Welcome back! Good post!

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