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A Disquiet Follows My Soul, Pt. II

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2012 @ 11:28pm by Master Julian Salazar & Sailor Scarlett Grant

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust
Location: City Streets
Timeline: Directly Following Pt I

Scarlett led the way out the back door of the Seedy Airship and into a quiet alley behind it, Julian hobbled only a few paces behind her. His body ached from the action he'd just seen, the first action for years, but he kept moving. As they exited together the old man heard a few people re-enter the tavern, loud shouting and a few screams echoing around the messy common room as the bodies he and his new, unintentional comrade had left behind were discovered.

"What do you mean this is just the beginning? Was that what I think it was?" Julian barked the words at the young lady leading the way, grabbing her shoulder to halt her in front of him. She shrugged him off quickly enough, sliding the knife in her hand back into a sheath on her belt as she led the pair out into the main street. A few moments later they'd drifted into the crowds and began walking the streets with a casual stride. Scarlett linked her arm with the old man and spread a friendly smile on her face, speaking through her teeth.

"You got issues with the Jackals old man?"

Julian was taken aback by the question, though he kept his composure and continued walking.

"How would a young lady such as yourself know about that?" He didn't get any response, aside from a quick eye-roll from Scarlett, as the pair continued strolling down the street, ducking in and out of locals who were off about their daily business.

"Alright, alright... seems I do. And you? What the hell was that you pulled back there?" It was with those words, the images of the recently passed fight coming to his mind, that Julian calmed down enough to question just what he was doing. Who was this woman? Where were they going? Why was he willing to trust her so quickly?

"If I recall that was me saving you and your friend from the reaper. And you're welcome." She sounded proud, like a child who was due for some recognition. Julian snorted.

"Saving us? All three of us were almost killed. I mean my man got a knife in him. How the hell did you know what was happening in there anyway?" His mind jumped back to Erm quickly then, wondering what he'd brought down on the crew. Hopefully the sailor would be ok. And hopefully this wasn't really just the beginning.

"It's a long story, grandpa, but I can summarise it for you." She gave him a stern look then, her voice dropping slightly as they entered a large marketplace, the loud vendors selling their wares acting as a perfect cover for the hushed conversation.

"I got problems of my own. The same kind that you do. And I need a job, too. The same kind that you have. I did you a solid, now you can return the favour. The Steamhawke, right? I heard from a friend of a friend that she might have vacancies." Julian stared at her, confused out of his mind. Where this girls information was coming from was beyond the old man now.

"I know you can get me on board. Talk to Captain Bradley. You could always use another gunner, right? Get me a job and I'll get you some answers." Julian didn't reply to this. He'd heard enough for the time being. Things were crazy enough without him delving deeper into this bizarre sequence of events.

Wondering what the Captain would say, and wondering what information this woman had to share, the old man started leading the way as the pair headed back to the docks, steering clear of the debacle they'd caused at the tavern.

And all he'd wanted was a quiet drink.


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