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Mud and Metal

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2012 @ 9:56pm by Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust

Mud and metal didn't work well with each other on most occasions and the situation Brem was in now was one of these. A cage of muck covered metal sunk slightly under its own weight, the ground under it rumbling slightly at distant movements. Brem rested a hand on one of the bars and let out a sigh. How had he gotten into this situation? It had all been going to well. The parts he wanted for the engine were probably already at the Steamhawke, how long had it been since he swerved those damned frogs? An hour? Two? "For the gods sake" he called "If you have to keep me here, will you at least push that cogg in on that machine, it will get it working!"

There had been a good reason why he had called that and not for help. Mainly because he knew the only other person who knew he was in this scrap heap was the barkeep who had directed him here with that cursed box.


He had arrived with a clatter already so Brem wasn't in the best of moods. Greeted by a man in a dark hood who hadn't said a word and only pointed to somewhere deeper on the island. A little down the path a Kitling had jumped out at him, "What you after?" it had said. Brem handed over the list of parts he wanted. The kitling tilted its head to the left as it looked at the list before answering "We can get these things, will cost ya"

Brem explained about the discount he had been offered for delivering a parcel and the kitling smiled a smile which could only be called evil. It lead him to the area he was now trapped and left him there. During this time he started to twiddle with the machines dotted around the outside of the clearing, that was until a man appeared.

"Welcome friend" he said with a smile that almost split his face "my friends have sent the parts you requested to your ship, they will be there shortly, now I have been told you have a package for me" he was holding out his right hand with his left behind his back.

Brem handed the small box over to the man and said "This is what I was given, told it would be enough to get me what I want with my bag-o-coins"

The mans eyes lit up as he touched the box, "Yes yes" he said as he lifted the lid. His eyes went wide with shock. "Are you taking the piss here friend?"

Brem didn't know what to say or do for a moment which was something new for him, the man shook slightly with rage "You were to deliver the stone to me, and you have the nerve to hand over a rock!"

And then it happened. The man brought his left hand up and slammed it into a wall and somehow a cage had fallen on him. The man started as Brem tried to lift it to escape to no avil before saying "You have about an hour and half before it will sink into the mud beneath your feet, tell me where the stone is and I will free you, otherwise this is goodbye"

At this he walked off and left Brem alone, in his cage, waiting to die.


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