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Picture the scene

Posted on Thu Jan 19th, 2012 @ 8:45pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Snot Rag Chops McGinty

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust
Location: Royal Dining Hall, adjacent to the royal bedroom
Timeline: Day 1, Evening

The table was huge, but seemed to dwarf in comparison to the large chamber it occupied. Or maybe Daenelia had become so used to the cramped quarters of her ship, that any room bigger than two boxes looked huge to her. A dark red table cloth covered the table, which was adorned with candles, flowers and food, of course. A silent servant lead Daenelia to a chair at one end of the table, and she sat down, as other servants piled on even more food, and wine, and rum, and fruit. The door on the other end of the room opened and the Chosen King stepped in wearing only a robe, posing in the door frame. His formerly muscled arm rested against the frame, while he looked at Daenelia to see what her reaction was to his appearance.

Daenelia however was already busy eating a fresh apple and pouring herself some white wine. She really shouldn't be hungry, she thought, because she had just shared a large meal with her new musician, Lleryn. But as long as she ate, she would not have to talk with Kristos. Oh, she dreaded looking at him. In her mind she could still see him as the slightly younger man she had known. And remembering that, she could not avoid remembering other things.

"You can't avoid remembering things, can you Daenelia? That first night we spent together, you in my arms, me in yours. Making love under the Elladian skies. You were the luckiest girl in the world that night, and no matter how fast you ran away afterwards, I knew I'd see you again."

Kristos sauntered up her while holding the robe strategically over his flesh. Daenelia just sat there with a mouth full of food. She found it hard to swallow while Kristos was standing there.

"Are you going to wash that down?" Kristos held out Daenelia's wine glass so that she could take a sip. Reluctantly she accepted the offer, but she wasn't sure how much of these pleasantries she could take. This was for the good of the mission, she kept telling herself.

"Your Chosen Majesty," Daenelia began, as she put the glass down again. Kristos reach out and placed two fingers on her lips.

"Shush. No formalities between us. We're alone." He gestured the remaining silent servants out the room.

"Your Majesty," Daenelia stated again. "I must ask you to grant me free docking for a total of two weeks. I remember that your Royal Library holds..."

"How is Jack these days?" Kristos grinned, and Daenelia choked on her food. She wanted to tell him the truth, that all those years ago she only slept with Kristos to make Jack Stallion jealous, but in the time it took to recover from inhaling the chunk of bread, Daenelia decided to tell a different story.

"He still pales in comparison to you, my chosen majesty. Even back then when you were merely a politician, I was in awe of your budding greatness. I was just too weak to resist you."

Kristos was just lapping it up. And Daenelia realised that she had him. She leant towards him while pushing her chest out at the same time. "You're a lot harder to resist now that the throne of Mypos is yours. No matter how proud a captain I am, I'm sure that if I stay in Mypos long enough, I'll have no choice but to succumb to your charms once more."

Kristos pondered a while, while looking at Daenelia's cleavage. He leant closer to her and said: "Maybe you could stay for a ten days."

Daenelia smiled and batted her eyes. "Maybe I could stay for two weeks?" Kristos threw his head back and laughed. "Only if you pay! I don't need to weeks to make you mine again." He looked at her as if he was about to devour her. "One week. My treat."

Daenelia smiled as innocently happy as she could, hoping he'd take that smile as a positive sign of his imminent conquest of her. She reached for her wine glass, but Kristos picked it up and drained it in one gulp. "Now you must go. Rest. I will send for you." His attention was already on the food on the table, as if he had forgotten her already. She stood up awkwardly and walked to the door.

One day I'll crush his balls in a vice, she thought to herself.


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