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A kings court?

Posted on Tue Jan 17th, 2012 @ 3:47pm by Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust

"My liege!" A guard hopped into the kings court shouting, "We've caught him!"

The king turned around, looking slightly perplexed "caught who? Causing this much racket it had better be someone good." The others in the group chucked to themselves slightly at that.

"Him Sirr.... Captain GreenGills!" the guard almost shouted.

The king looked shocked "Are you sure its him this time?"

"Oh yes sir, he even confirmed it when we asked."

"Bring him before us then!" The king almost yelled "We need to ask him some questions."

After a few moments another guard appeared, this one pushing someone else. "GreenGills" the king almost spat out. The person who had been pushed smiled at the king, "My liege" he said mockingly "How nice of you to remember me."

"How could I forget?" the king replied "You were my closest adviser before you turned pirate. Why did you do it? Why steal our most precious of jewles?"

GreenGills licked his lips "Because I could."

"Where is it?" one of the others in the group demanded

"Somewhere you'll never find it"

"Tell us or we'll have your life" the king said, GreenGills just smiled. "So be it. Place him in front of the squishier, he'll have until it comes again to tell us or he can suffer his fate."

The ground started to shake. Slightly at first but with an increasing force. "It comes!" one of the group called. They could see it getting closer. Two giant squishy things churning up the group as they got closer. "Are you going to save yourself GreenGills?" the king asked.

"I'm already saved" he replied. The squishers were almost upon them.


"Damn this mud" Brem muttered as he pushed a rackety old cart into the junkyard he had been told about. He was slightly reminded about where he grew up but his 'home' hadn't been built on a bog.

A young girl ran in front of his cart and yelled "Watch out for the frogs!" He swerved the cart to the right, slamming it into a pile of rusted metal. The girl curtsied to him, "Thank you!" she said "you never know what these frogs are thinking." before she ran off around a corner.

"Damned frogs" Brem muttered as he walked round the front of the cart to try and put it back on track.


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