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Bars to parts

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2012 @ 5:10pm by Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust

Just after the Steamhawke docked, Brem gathered the engineering crew around him. Everyone had been working hard getting the ship down in one piece. "Ok you lot," he called out "I know you all want to go off ship to start with, but a few of you need to stay here and keep things ticking over. I want two volunteers." He waited several beats and when no one piped up he said, "Is that how its going to be then? Mr Himoru, pick somebody to stay with you."

Akito looked dejected at that, he looked around the rest of the engineers and noticed how none of them were looking him in the eye. "Jax Sirr" he said. Jax's shoulders dropped.

"Don't worry you two" Brem said with a smile, "I won't be long getting the parts we need to over hall the ol' girl. When I'm back we will see about you getting off ship." His eyes found Erm "Now Erm, I want you to go to the cap'n and ask if you can tag along with her. If she says no, follow her anyway, it'll be good for you."

Erm looked shocked, his eyes wide "But... Butt..."

a few hours later

Brem stood outside a building encased in metal with cogs spinning in a curious pattern above the door. A sign read 'The Engine Room' and through the windows he could see a bar at the far side of the room. He pushed the door open and the smell of mechanics washed over him. This was the place he had been told about on the docks, a tavern for those who had a passion for clockworks. A place where engineers showed off a new dohickey they had created to solve a problem which in some cases people didn't have a problem with.

He made his way to the bar, noticing something he could only guess was some sort of clockwork beast mounted on one of the walls. The bartender saw what Brem was looking at and said "He was created by a group who wanted to keep themselves protected" Brem looked at the man "Trouble was it thought they were thieves and killed 'em all. Took ten of us to take it down."

"Impressive" Brem replied "Ale, if you would" he added.

The bartender nodded and pulled a leaver, "What you after?"

"Parts" Brem replied as a glass of ale slid down the bar from a box and stopped in front of him. He nodded a put a couple of small coins on the counter, "Any idea where I can find some?"

The bartender boomed with laughter "Must be new in town" he said barely containing himself "Two islands south of here is where you'll need to go and for a fee I can get you a discount"

"What sort of fee?"

"Oh, nothing much, I would just need you to... deliver something for me while you're there."


"Don't worry, it's nothing to get you killed, just something in payment for something else."

"Better be a good discount I get." Brem said

"Oh it will be" the bartender said with a wink.


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By Captain Daenelia Bradley on Wed Jan 11th, 2012 @ 8:42pm

What is Brem getting himself involved with? :P Enjoyed the post.

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