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The subtle waltz of seduction

Posted on Wed Jan 11th, 2012 @ 8:45pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Captain Daenelia Bradley

Mission: Chapter 3: Mypos or Bust
Location: Myposia
Timeline: Day 1, Afternoon

Later that day, Daenelia Bradley was being watched from afar as the party approached the High Court tower in the dead centre of Myposia. A giant telescope jutting out of the top floor of the tower was constantly being repositioned to track her movements.

"Well, well, well! The pirate captain Daenelia. Take notes, boy. You're about to witness the subtle waltz known as seduction. And hand me my ceremonial outfit!"

Moments later the hustle and bustle on the streets was pierced by a deafening series of trumpet blasts. Daenelia nearly jumped out of her skin, but from the sighs of the locals it looked like this kind of display was a common occurrence. Lleryn starting tapping a hoof at the catchy tune. The top section of the High Court tower seemed to be unfurling like a flower in bloom, the walls angling and twisting away. Daenelia marvelled at the feat of engineering, as the rustic looking building was revealed to be one giant mass of machinery. This certainly wasn't here the last time she was on Mypos... Daenelia and her pirates still didn't have any idea what was going on but were about to find out.

A platform attached to criss-crossing girders appeared, and the trumpets continued as the platform extended in Daenelia's general direction. In fact, she realised too late that this whole performance was because of her. "All hail the Chosen King of Mypos!" shouted a town crier as the surface of the platform lowered into view. His chosen majesty Kristos Kuntos stood at the forefront, standing with legs wide and with the hands at his hips curled into fists. The middle-aged man was wearing a one-shouldered toga in the style of the ancient Elladians, which was far too short and barely contained his flabby stomach. Kristos raised one hand to slick his thinning blonde hair back, and winked at Daenelia.

"It's been a long time since you got a taste for the Elladian man, Daenelia. But I knew you'd come crawling back one day for another bite. What took you so long?"

Daenelia turned a bright pink colour and was suddenly aware of the hundreds of people watching the scene. So much for a quiet entrance, she though. Plus she wasn't the only one feeling uncomfortable. Behind Kristos stood his assistant and a squadron of armed guards, none of which seemed happy that their Chosen King was acting this way. Daenelia sighed and began to recite from memory the proper way to address an Elladian King.

"I request a private audience with his majesty. And I throw myself at his mercy."

"What 're you doing captain?" asked Fern with shock. "This isn't like you 't all!" "This is how it has to be done, mate Farley" she started at Fern, but the girl wasn't reassured. Julian Robinson however was enjoying himself. "I thought i'd seen everything in this crew, but this is hilarious!" He was laughing and slapping Erm on the back a little too hard.

"Request granted" barked Kristos. "You and your party may step onto the royal platform. But you'll have to leave the goat boy behind, I'm sure you understand."

Daenelia shot a glance at Lleryn who had already stopped smiling with glee at the spectacle that was taking place. "No" said the captain firmly. "No I do not consent to that, your chosen majesty. He's a member of my crew." Kristos' stroked his square chin while his other hand remained balled into a fist at his side. "A Ngafr serving a pirate captain, well I never." He sighed and threw his arms into the air. "Very well, I am nothing if not an understanding king. What was that, did you say something boy?" he was leaning over his assistant. "Help them onto the platform already!"

While Kristos sat down on the raised throne in the centre of the platform, his assistant and the guards started helping Daenelia and her pirates aboard. The chosen king watched with interest as Daenelia leant over the side to pull up Dottie. He smiled and waited for everyone to be ready, then pulled a large lever next to the throne, With a clanking, grinding noise, the platform raised into the air. The massive steel arm began to fold up and Daenelia and her party were carried in the direction of the tower...

Before they knew it the platform had come to a stop and the walls of the tower had swung shut around them. The gears and pistons were so well hidden that there was nothing to indicate that the building was actually a giant machine. They were in an ordinary looking Elladian throne room, not that many of them had been in one of those before. Surrounding them were the armed guards and behind those Daenelia spotted some other figures. They were dressed in smart modern suits, probably politicians. Kristos was the only one wearing a toga, a fact driven home to Daenelia as he uncrossed and re-crossed his legs. "The sexy captain may speak with the sexier king."

Daenelia shuddered a little, then straightened her back and squared her shoulders. "Your chosen majesty, I come before you with a request which will be benificial to you and your island." She saw the king's eyes travel up and down her body in a far too familiar way. "If you will grant me free docking for two weeks, and a free reign of the island's Library, I may be able to repay your hospitality with gold."

The king leaned forward as he smiled lazily. "You know your gold is no good here, Captain Daenelia," he leered. His assistant, who was standing behind him, looked startled though and leaned in to whisper in the king's ear. "What? No, the captain and I are ... old aquaintances. Friends... with benefits, so to speak. One of the benefits is... free docking for the captain. I am sure she can offer me something more entertaining than gold."

"But surely!" Daenelia shouted, "Your subjects would be better served with gold!"

"How much can you pay right now?" the king asked seriously.

"Ehh... Nothing." Daenelia stammered. "But I have a good lead on some hidden treasure! I'll owe you a share."

The king king sighed and rubbed his face. "Join me for dinner tonight and we'll talk."

"If I have dinner with you, will you let my ship stay at dock for free for two weeks?"

"One week." The king answered curtly, pulling on another lever beside his throne. A hatch in the floor behind Daenelia swung open, and her entire party was dropped through a chute which twirled through the entire tower and ejected them on top of a pile of rubbish behind the building.

Daenelia was left with Kristos standing above her.


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