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Land Ahoy

Posted on Sat Jan 7th, 2012 @ 10:55am by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Snot Rag Chops McGinty

Mission: Chapter 2: The Map says 'Go Here'
Location: Steamhawke
Timeline: Day 6

"Land Ahoy!" shouted Greyfeathre as loudly as she could. "Land Ahoy!" the Kiltling repeated as she scrambled down the mast. "Land Ahoy!" she yelled as she cartwheeled across the deck. "Land Ahoy!" she squealed as she tumbled down the stairs. "Land Ahoy!' she screamed, poking her head out of a cannon and startling Salazar. "Land Ahooooy!" she laughed as she ran around the mess hall.

The thousand islands of Elladia were appearing on the horizon. A fresh wind caught the sails of the Steamhawke and the majestic ship sped up on it's final leg of the journey. The sky was bright, blue and cloudless. A crowd had gathered on the deck to watch the first of the islands pass by. They were small green mounds stark against the dark blue sea, and they were beautiful. The crew caught sight of the first Elladian sky-fishing vessels. The ships were long and sleek, with giant clockwork oars propelling them slowly through the sky. Their flags were emblazened with bright colours, and once again the crew oohed and ahhed.

"What? What is it? I can't see anything!" spluttered McGinty, still glued to the deck.

Captain Daenelia stood on the poop deck looking over her amazed crew. She unrolled the parchment she'd been keeping in her pocket. The half of the map, the map that had brought them to this exotic nation. She cleared her throat. She decided to make a quick statement to the crew, before they all got too excited to listen.

"Crew! Attention! We're going to land the ship at a dock at Mypos, which is an island half an hour away from here. Until then, remember we are in dangerous skies, so don't do anything stupid like shooting at the sky fish or the ship, or the bird. No need to make the Elladians get curious about our ship!"

The crew murmured and made sure weapons were hidden.

"Now, when we land, remember a few things before leaving the ship. You have to notify the quartermaster to get shoreleave and only men can go ashore unescorted. Women, I urge you to remember that the Elladians believe women shouldn't sail the skies!" Some higher pitched female laughter erupted, as well as some nodding from the men who seemed to agree with the Elladians. "Make sure not to go ashore alone, ladies. Even though we land at a friendly island, these are still the same Elladians from the Pirate Hunts. Watch out for each other, try not to get in trouble."

It wasn't the kind of end of a speech the crew wanted, she knew. So she added: "And the first round in the Port Bar is on me!"

That got the crew yelling and hollering, alright. After the revelry the pirates dispersed, stumbling and tripping over McGinty to get back to their posts. The runned turned, the propellers span, and the Steamhawke headed towards the island of Mypos.

Meanwhile... in a place with darker skies...

"All right then!" shouted Captain Jack Stallion as he pushed the hatch open and climbed onto the deck of the Sky Tiger. He was immediately surrounded by his loyal crew mates. The men and women were all battle scarred and were all willing to die for their captain. In fact, the anticipation was killing them.

"Open your ears, crew. Our privileged guest mister Blackwell has revealed everything we wanted to know. The other half of this map is indeed in the hands of Daenelia Bradley..." At the sound of her name half of the crew sneered from anger and the other half sneered as to not be left out. "And I also know just where she is headed. Where the second part of the map points to." He pointed out to sky. "Set course for Elladia, land of the thousand islands! Get us moving! I want to see those furnaces melting!" he roared.

And with that Sky Tiger turned about, the giant propellers whining and shuddering and thick black smoke belching from the chimneys. The predator was seeking it's prey.


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