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Salvaged Parts

Posted on Fri Jan 6th, 2012 @ 10:15am by Sailor Edward Marketh 2nd & Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 2: The Map says 'Go Here'
Location: Deck
Timeline: Day 4, Evening

Ed pulled hard on his wrench, hurriedly loosening the bolts holding the guns on the crashed clockwork fighter's wings. He had been quite surprised to find a wind up fighter on the deck of the ship, although he assumed it had something to do with all the commotion a couple days ago. Surprised or not, he wasn't going to question an opportunity to study the systems of such an interesting contraption.

The fact that the fighter was still on deck and hadn't been tossed overboard could only mean it was going to be salvaged for parts. The engineers below probably wanted whatever bits and pieces still worked. It certainly wasn't worth selling in its current condition, and Ed doubted it would fly again. Regardless, it hadn't been stripped quite yet, and if it was that important to them he assumed they would have done it immediately. Surely no one would complain if he took the parts he needed for his work.

The penultimate bolt came loose suddenly causing the heavy gun to drop off the wing and slam against the deck. The final bolt had snapped under all the weight, the metal not designed to take the stress of the whole gun alone. Ed stumbled backwards and the unexpected drop, landing on his rear along with the gun.

He stood up quickly, rubbing his sore bottom. At least the weapon was free, he'd drag it down to his workshop along with the fighter's engine once he had it free. Ed rubbed his brow, wiping the sweat from it before it flowed onto his goggles. Retrieving his dropped wrench, Ed began to loosen the bolts holding the large clockwork engine from the frame. He had some good ideas for this beauty.

"WHAT IN THE NINE HELLS DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" A voice shouted from across the deck. Ed jumped at the sudden exclamation, losing is grip of his wrench and allowing it to clatter to the deck. He turned quickly and looked at the bald man stomping over. Brem's face was like thunder as he continued shouting. "THIS CLOCKWORK IS MINE!"

Brem didn't like the fact that somebody thought they could just take what they wanted from the fighter without asking him first. He was the chief engineer for the gods sake, people should have respect for that, or so he thought.

Standing next to the fighter now Brem asked "Who are you anyway?" His tone was quieter but no less angry. Ed reached down to pick up his wrench before giving the man before him a quick glance over. Considering his tone and apparent authority over the clockwork fighter Ed deduced he was one of the engineers, most likely coming out from below to start pulling parts out of the thing. What perfect timing. Ed silently wished to himself he'd taken the time out yesterday to yank off the parts he needed.

His face nonchalant as it always was Edward gave his answer, his voice just as flat as his expression. "Ed. Ed the Handyman, apparently." He turned from the furious man and returned to loosening the bolts holding the engine in place. "Anyway, I'm just taking the engine and weaponry for my work. You can bring back whatever is left to your boss, surely that should be enough." The bolt Ed was working on dropped from its position and clanged against the deck.

"It can't be that important to him anyway," Ed continued, placing his wrench against a second bolt. "Otherwise he probably would have sent you sooner."

"You insolent whelp!" Brem said as he pulled Ed away from the clockwork, "My 'Boss' on this ship is the capt'n, she told me about you, that I should go and have a word with you about your duties on this ship." Ed fell once again on his bottom as he got pulled away from his is work. It seemed this angry man was, in fact, the Chief Engineer. Perhaps he'd have to start remembering everyone on the ship before he got into any more trouble. Rubbing his bum once again he quickly stood up.

Brem grabbed the wrench Ed was holding and yanked it, almost pulling him over. Ed desperately kept his balance to save his behind further damage. "I'm the chief engineer on this tub and these parts are needed. Why don't you go and fix something?" Ed remained silent for the moment, considering the best way to deal with the situation. This wasn't his strong suit by any means.

Ed continued contemplating as he stood and watched as Brem continuing his work of undoing more of the bolts. Brem noticed and said "What you just stood around for boyo?" Ed adjusted his goggles slightly in response before actually speaking. He wasn't about to simply leave without the parts he'd come for. While he could make them himself if he had to now that he'd gotten a good look at them, getting intact pieces would save him days of work.

"You... have my wrench, and I need those parts for my projects." Ed stated flatly, merely repeating the obvious. His debate skills clearly needed some work.

Brem slid the wrench he had taken across the deck and pulled his own from the tool belt he was wearing. "There's your wrench, as for the parts, you're damned projects can wait, I need 'em to fix-up the engines some." He glanced at the gun Ed had already taken off and added "You can take that if you want. Call it a concelation prize."

Ed leaned over and picked up his wrench, a small success at least, and if nothing else he'd gotten rights to the part of more direct interest to him. He almost considered opening his mouth in further protest over the engine, but perhaps wisely decided against it. As limited as his social graces were it was still fairly obvious he wasn't going to get anywhere with such a stubborn man, and pushing the issue might only make things worse for him for the same reason.

He grabbed the sides of the heavy gun and attempted to lift it, nearly pulling his back in the process. Switching tactics, Ed began to the slow, dull of process of pushing the weapon down into the holds. He had work to do.

Brem glanced over his shoulder as Ed pushed the weapon and muttered "If only he'd asked, all it takes is asking." before continuing on with the engine.


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