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Oh Cogs!

Posted on Mon Dec 26th, 2011 @ 3:34pm by Master Brem de Berg & Mistress Nasrin Columbine Missy

Mission: Chapter 2: The Map says 'Go Here'
Location: The mess
Timeline: After the Zepper incident

A single candle burned on a table as Brem sat staring into the object which had once been round. As he passed it from hand to hand he felt the depressions which had somehow appeared on the surface of the object. He felt frustrated at the idea of a contraption he didn't have any idea of what it did. He had tried to twist parts of it and push others to see if they did anything, to no avail.

"And this is where the crew eat." Captain Bradley said as she opened the door, "Oh hello Master de Berg. It seems we have another member of the crew" she said this with a smile which showed it wasn't the most welcome of things but it was something she was going to make work in one way or another.

Brem looked up at the pair and said "How'd we get someone else? They fall out the sky like the last one?"

Nasrin had liked the kitchen better. . . It was quieter in there. Less people, less. . . . community feel as this. Back on the Copper Siren she hadn't been allowed in the rooms like this. Inching closer to the captain as she spoke to some man sitting at one of the tables.

Curiosity struck her as she glanced at the object the man was moving about. It looked interesting, but the thought of someone falling out of the sky brought her attention back to the Captain. Had someone truly fallen out of the sky.

"She was stowing down below. . ." Bradley said as she looked down at the shorter woman. ". . . Still have to figure out what to do with her."

Brem looked up at the new comer and noticed that she looked different than anyone he had seen before. Her skin didn't quite look right in the light of the candle and he noticed the metal around her neck. "Does she have a name?" he asked the captain before he said to Nasrin "I could probably take that off your neck if you want."

"Nasrin," Was the response as she crossed her arms.

The aforementioned girl shrunk back as the man looked at the collar. Take it off?! It couldn't come off! It couldn't. There would be no more breathing, eating, talking, anything. She'd die, cease to function, or whatever else would happen if her throat was taken away. Shaking her head wildly and taking a hasty step back. Pressing her fingers against it before they turned the key on the side. The gears turned and, "No-No-Don't-t-t-It-Breathes-For-Me-Me."

As she spoke, Brem heard the clicking of gears. To his ear, they needed a good cleaning. He didn't know if it would do anything to help the girl but it may. "It breathes for you?" he asked, "That's interesting, mind if I ask how it works?"

Whatever new style of technology the girl had in her was an interest for Brem, he wanted to get a look at how it worked but he knew he couldn't just ask her to show him. He would have to be tactful in getting his way here.

Blinking a few times. . . Nasrin didn't like how he was looking at her. Or how he was talking to her either. Turning the key to answer at least part of his question, "It'd-Ta-Take-Too-Long-To-Ex-Plain-Lot-Of-Tu-Turning." A lot of turning, every few minutes she'd just have to turn the gears again. It may even stress out the gears. Swallowing nervously, now she really wanted to leave this room.

Shifting from foot to foot as she glanced at the door, writhing her hands together.

He could tell that she was anchous, the way she looked towards the door. Brem thought about how things looked for a moment. He was sat in a dark room asking about how she worked. "Through the door, up the corridor and up a small flight of stairs."

She cast him a glance at that and he replied "The way to the deck." After another moment he stood and said "I think its about time to get some air anyway."


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