All come tumbling down

Posted on Tue Aug 5th, 2014 @ 8:34pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train

The young marshal sighed and looked at his notebook. He never liked taking statements, there was too much writing involved. He always liked it better if he could bash some heads in. Which was exactly why his superior had put him on administrative duties.

"So, they hit you on the head," he said, a little wistfully, "and then they must have left because you woke up on your own."

The bank assistant nodded, while holding his head. "I knew they were trouble when they entered the room." He swallowed as he remembered the pretty lady, the wild-haired blonde, the pretty man and the eagle-eyed brunette. The two women had a dangerous look to them, the man had scared him too, mostly due to the intensity of his anger. But the pretty lady had been scariest of all, with her cool calculated moves. It was incongruous with her pretty face, even if it was screwed up in fear.

"And they stole nothing." The marshal scratched his auburn-haired head.

"No. Yes! No, not, well,..." the assistant stuttered, He'd known what was in the lock box, because, well, he'd spied on the pretty lady when she locked up her valuables. "They took a wrist watch. It was not in the box anymore. Nothing else was missing."

"A ... wrist watch?" asked the marshal.

The assistant struggled to explain. "Like a ... clock, but small, like a pocket watch, but strapped to your wrist," the assistant made motions on wrapping something around his wrist.

"Tssk, what will they think of next?" the marshal said. "So this was a valuable piece, would you say?"

"Oh yes," the assistant was sure, "It's quite unique. I am sure the robbers took it. The blonde woman was dressed in a nurse's outfit. Like the nurse from the Peacock family. The brunette was dressed fancy. But you kinda knew she wasn't, like, eh, comfortable in a dress."

"And the man? A fighter?"

"Looked like it, with his muscles. He must have done something terrible to the owner of the lockbox. That was the young lady I told you about."

The marshal was piecing thing together. Three ruffians had robbed a wealthy young lady, and made off with her as well. He remembered the guys coming back from a scuffle, and mention of a murder on the train. He was sure he would mention all of this to his superior. Lieutenant Spanjer would be interested to hear this.

"Oh, I almost forgot," the man said, as the marshal put away his notebook. "The one who knocked me out, must have been the man." The marshal frowned.


"I never saw him, but when they made the young lady call me in to tend her 'husband', someone knocked me out, with the strength of a man. I never saw him, but it must have been the blonde man. I'm sure you'll fine him with my detailed description."

"Hm, yes," the marshal tucked his notebook away in his breastpocket. "Thank you. You've been most helpful."




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