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Where there is a will

Posted on Sun Jul 6th, 2014 @ 8:47am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train

"You what?" Daenelia blurted out, as she was confronted with Colton, Finn and the two hostages. The elderly lady looked near fainting and the young woman was fanning her with a gloved hand.

"Look, 'Nelia, we could have thrown them off the train, or put bullets in them, but I knew you wouldn't like that," Colton said, even though he knew no such thing. Daenelia had done rash things before. "This way, we don't leave bodies or missing person."

Daenelia raised her eyebrows. "Oh, no missing persons, eh?" She rounded on the young woman. "Who are you traveling with?"

Ophelia closed her eyes tight for a moment and opened them as she answered in a firm voice: "My aunt and I are travelling to Columbus City, where our visit is expected."

Daenelia grinned. "So no one on this train will come looking for you?" Ophelia kept her face as impassive as she could.

Finn stepped closer to the captain, his hard eyes staring into hers. "Captain," he said in a low voice. "There might be a ... 'delivery fee', if you catch my meaning."

Daenelia looked puzzled. "Ehm? Do we look like a delivery company?" She squinted one eye closed as she pulled her unruly hair into a ponytail.

Finn sighed. Colton quickly jumped in, explaining it in a way that 'Nelia would understand. "We keep these ladies, entertain them, feed them, keep them safe. Then, when we get to the station, we ask for a board and food fee, right? From their friends, who are expecting them." He grinned.

Ophelia heard the words safe and food and saw a chance to survive. "That sounds reasonable," she said calmly, as she looked around Colton's back at the woman captain. "I am sure my ... friends would be happy to recompense."

Finn shot a harder look at the young woman, who immediately shifted her attention back to her aunt. Daenelia looked at Colton's grin. He seemed to be thinking clearly for a change. Obviously, this was the way to go. "Alright,"she said. "Keep them somewhere safe and out of the way."

"Right, let's put them in the master bedroom," Colton said. Daenelia was about to walk away and turned back. "No, no, that's MY room now, isn't it?"

"I thought it was Ashrieda's?" Colton said, not having kept track of who was kipping where. He always slept where he passed out from drinking or exhaustion. Daenelia straightened her bandana and thought.

"Put them in the Nanny's room, it's empty,"she said.

"Hey!" Finn exclaimed. "That's MY room!"

"Look," Daenelia said as she pointed a finger at Finn. "We all have to make sacrifices if we are to get the compensation for entertaining these ladies. You can shack up with Dottie, or Brem." She nodded to Colton, who poked and pushed the ladies to the Nanny's room. It was a good enough choice, one exit, with a small en-suite washing area and no large windows exept for the small ones high on the wall. Too small even for a child to fit through, he thought. Finn had claimed that room for just that reason. His daily salt baths would have to be taken less private now.

"Right," Daenelia said. She spied someone entering the cabin, whispering to Ivan as they came in. "What's that then? "


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