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Dead Serious

Posted on Thu Jun 19th, 2014 @ 5:25pm by Master Ashrieda Sjaarda

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train

Ana rushed into the suite, looking frazzled. She knew it couldn’t be long before the pirates came looking for her; she should have known they wouldn’t be content to mind their own business.

That was a minor inconvenience though. It simply required a slight change of plans.

She rummaged through her things, pulling out a curly honey blonde wig. She’d been saving it for her grand debut in Columbus City, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

She hummed happily as she rouged her face and carefully applied the rest of makeup. Dolling up her face always cheered her up. Adjusting the wig, she admired herself in the vanity mirror and smiled. Yes, this would do just fine.

There was one more pressing matter, however. Wandering back to the dining area, she gave a disdainful look at the dead man, still slumped over in his seat by the window. She sighed. He wouldn’t be able to stick around much longer.

“Now what are we going to do with you,” she murmured, nudging the corpse with her foot. It had a single gunshot to the head, which ironically, Ana wasn’t responsible for. But now she had this lovely suite to stay in. The pirates had done something right. That, and helping her get aboard this train. Perhaps she should treat them a little more kindly.

Suddenly, Ana let out a bloodcurdling scream.

She could hear passengers rushing out of the suites, wondering aloud what the commotion was. One woman poked her head into the room and recoiled in horror. Ana rushed over to cradle the dead man in her arms, tears streaming down her face. “Oh my God! Oh my God, it’s my husband!”

“What is this?!” A rail marshal exclaimed as he barged into the room, followed by two of his compatriots.

“My poor husband, he’s -- he’d been drinking, he’d said he’d kill himself if I left, I didn’t believe him, oh, it’s all my fault,” she sobbed.

The youngest of the marshals put a comforting arm around Ana’s shoulders, and she tried her best not to grin.


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