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Found and Lost

Posted on Wed May 14th, 2014 @ 8:16am by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Ashrieda Sjaarda & Sailor Shanen Trevor

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train
Location: The Train

It only took a few minutes of searching for the trio, accompanied by the woman still protesting that she was not Ana, to find her chest. Shanen watched in silence as Danelia carefully opened the strong box, keeping a firm but not rough grip on their captive.

The Sailor walked over to the chest and pushed the woman to the side.Bending down he quickly rifling through the belongings. He stopped when he saw the glint of gold and with a smile triumphantly produced his wrist watch. The handsome blonde gave the timepiece a quick check for scratches or cracks and content there were none, put the chunky gold watch back onto his left wrist, clasping it snugly into place.

Shanen looked to his two shipmates with a smile. "Captain, Ashrieda, you have my thanks. It means a lot and I-unghhhhh!!!" Siezing her opportunity Ana struck the muscular blonde with a hard chop to the base of his neck, knocking him out cold and catching him in her arms as his knees buckled.

With lightning reflexes, a knife was produced from the folds of her garments and was now pressed lightly against Shanen's throat. "Now, I need a way out of here and you two are not going to try and stop me or Prince Charming here gets it." She threatened, holding Shanen's unconscious form between her and the two sailor's.

Daenelia and Ashrieda exchanged a look and jumped on the woman. Ashrieda managed to knock the knife away, so that the threat to Shanen's life was eliminated. Daenelia tried to wrestle the woman to the ground, but as Ana pushed back against the wall, Daenelia hit her head and the world went dark for her.

Ashrieda jumped away and crouched as she faced the accomplished fighter. They circled each other for a few seconds before Ashrieda let out a howl and charged. Ana swung her right fist into the tactician's temple, knocking her out cold.

Ana panted as she stood over the three unconscious bodies. She straightened up and rearranged her travel dress. "Well," she said to no one. "I best be off." She looked at the watch and the open box, but she hesitated to pick anything up.

The cogs turned in Ana's head quickly. She saw an opportunity and went to work. Seizing Daenelia roughly by the wrists, she dragged the Captain across the floor and laid her out unceromoniously in the vault. Hurrying back into the adjacent room she grabbed Ashrieda under the arms and repeated the process.

With a small smile of malice she returned to where Shanen was lying. "Seems you can't stop falling for me handsome." She mocked as she playfully ran a hand through the unconscious man's golden hair. With a purr of delight she gently grabbed his limp wrist with the heavy gold watch still clasped tightly to it. Stealing gave her a rush like no other and this was perhaps one of the most satisfying as all.

She was about to unclasp the watch when a loud knocking on the door announced the train bank assistant. "Hello? Hello? Everything all right in there?"

The small room was next to the vault room holding the train passengers' locked boxes. This room was offered to people who wanted to peruse their boxes in private, without others looking in. It had provided the three pirates the privacy they needed. But Ana was now in a fix. If the assistant came in and found the bodies, all hell would break lose.

Hurrying, she slid the door over from the vault but in her haste didn't lock it. However, unless the assistant didn't open the door he wouldn't see Ashrieda and Daenelia. "Oh, please help!" Ana shouted, playing the part of the damsel to a tee. "It's my husband. He's fainted!"

The assistant would not have been a good assistant if he didn't rush to the aid of this helpless woman, a pretty one at that. As he opened the door, Ana hit him on the head with the lid of the lockbox she'd been hiding beind her back. "Four," she counted mentally.

She shoved the man inside and closed the door behind him. She hummed a little tune, which someone might have recognised from a certain vaudeville show in a certain industrial town. And humming she left the vault room.


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