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Sam I am

Posted on Sun Feb 23rd, 2014 @ 5:12pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Ashrieda Sjaarda

Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City

The guards at the Militia Head Quarters building looked bored. The young man stood looking at them, as he rubbed his face. He had not slept well since arriving in Kanesville, his nights mostly filled with nightmares of the bloodthirsty crew of the Steamhawke killing his mates.

“Pirates. In Kanesville,” the larger of the two guards scoffed, barely stifling a yawn as he glanced at his partner, whose eyebrows were raised. First it had been the rich girl with the ridiculous gun, now here was this dandy mumbling crazy things about pirates. It wasn’t their problem though, let the chief do what he would.

The guards opened the double doors for the young man, where he was immediately led to another room and told to wait there. As he sat in the overstuffed chair, his eyes began to drift closed.

It had been fortunate for him that the Nautikos Guard had called for reinforcements. It was they who had found him clutching a piece of the Sky Tiger’s mast. They'd taken pity on him, despite knowing he was a pirate. He suspected it was his youthful face, pretty and innocent. He had been arrested nevertheless, and had spent a while in an Elladian jail, until he was released and forbidden to come back to Elladia ever again. He had pieced together what had happened to Jack and the rest of the crew. Some had drowned, or died in the fighting. A few had been captured and were probably part of Steamhawke's crew by now. And he, he had been mulling over revenge.

He went over the fighting, and who had to pay for Jack's death. There was the blonde woman, the captain. She was the main target. But he also remembered a devil-woman who fought like a berserker. And a woman with a red bandana and black hair. He frowned, at so many women pirates these days...

Heavy footsteps could be heard approaching the room where the young man sat. He instinctively snapped to attention, looking around frantically for the source. A large, sturdy man soon appeared in the doorway, followed by a slight elderly woman carrying a tray with a teapot and biscuits.

The chief made a grand show of adjusting his suspenders before motioning to the young man to follow him to his inner sanctum.

“...says you have information concerning ...ah, Kanesville?” the chief was saying. His bored tone seemed to imply that the young man couldn’t possibly have any information that he didn’t already have. “Tea?”

In response, the young man pulled a badly crumpled piece of folded paper out of this pocket.

"Here's a wanted poster for the blonde female pirate captain," the young man said. "She's worth quite a bit of money. If you catch her, I expect part of the reward."

"And what has she done here?" the chief asked, taking the paper and studying it closely.

"I think she has been involved in the Moreno murders," the young man said. "Moreno was part of her crew."

The man behind the desk looked up and focused on the youth sitting across from him. "And what is your relation to these pirates?"

The young man shifted in his chair. "They killed... they're responsible for my mentor's death," he finished.

The chief pursed his lips and remembered the message from Harlan Finch. "Do not track Moreno or to impede his escape from Kanesville. Do not pursue further the Moreno murder investigation, and I will ensure an easy reassignment for you back to Columbus City." He knew better than to deceive the great Harlan Finch, and had dropped any official interest in the pirates as soon as the murderer had fled.

If the pirates didn't bother the militia, they wouldn't bother them. Was this boy's claim strong enough to start a new investigation?

The chief sighed. "Unless you have evidence of wrongdoing on the part of this captain Bradley, I can't send my men to her last known location and arrest her."

"You... you know where she is?" spluttered Sam, the cabin boy of the Sky Tiger. He slapped his hands on the desk. "She's a murderer! A deceitful villain! She took my everything away from me!"

"Sir!" shouted a soldier as he came running in. "An unregistered sky ship has been spotted heading away from Kanesville. Scouts report a blonde woman at the helm!"

"What?" barked the chief as he bolted upright, still clutching the wanted poster. "Nobody sails our skies without permission! It's those damned sky pirates. Load the ground cannons! Send the fleet in pursuit! And get a platoon of men to that dormitory as fast as you can. Take any stragglers by force!"

He turned to Sam. "You'll get your vengeance, boy."


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