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Posted on Tue Feb 18th, 2014 @ 10:21am by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Leftheris Vunos & Lieutenant Faizel Naji & Mate Orsola Padovano
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Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City

"So are you nervous?" Leftheris asked Faizel, who had been quietly letting people know about his new position on board. Faizel shook his head.

"Why should be be nervous?" Orsola asked.

"Bradley has hired, fired and lost more first mates than I care to count," the Master Gunner said, as he stroked his moustache. "I'd be nervous, if she asked me."

"She didn't ask you, Vunos," Faizel said. "So be glad."

"Aha! You are nervous, after all," the man said grinning.

Orsola frowned. "Why would Bradley fire Goldilocks? She is a veteran captain and has loads of contacts and experience."

Faizel shook his head again. "I did not get details. But I never saw Morgan in here, not much anyway. Even when she was on board before, she always was kind of invisible. I can understand that a captain needs a more visible first mate."

Leftheris sighed. "Or it was a matter of two captains on one ship," he stated. "I have not seen many former captains take well to playing second fiddle."His face grew little darker. "And Bradley does not tolerate people circumventing her control."

"Then we should mutiny," Orsola said casually. The two men stared at her in silence. "Well, think about it. Bradley has done us no favours, got us in trouble and..."

Faizel grabbed the woman by the collar and pulled her close to his angry face. Leftheris pushed his arm between the pair to restrain Faizel. "Naji, Lieutenant...," he said softly.

Faizel pushed the woman away from him. "You," he said as he pointed at Orsola, "have no right to speak about what the captain did or did not do. You did not sail with us, you do not know her, and you will shut your cakehole."

Orsola backed away, her hand near her weapon. Leftheris cleared his throat.

"Still, I wonder about Maraea, and so will the rest of the crew," Leftheris said.

"I doubt it," Faizel said. "Who did she associate with, who was her friend on board? I can't name any."

"She worked out of sight and under cover," Leftheris protested. "Surely the captain would not have hired a First Mate who did not have the backing of the crew?"

The First Mate laughed at that. "Not the first time the Captain made a mistake," he said. "She is notorious in hiring people unfit for jobs. Remember Dottie?"

"Remember Faizel?" Orsola said harshly. She locked eyes with the First Mate before she turned and stalked off.

Leftheris padded Faizel on the shoulder. "I am sure you will be fine," the man said in a warm voice.

Faizel was starting to feel nervous.


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