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Posted on Tue Jan 28th, 2014 @ 12:54pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Mister Remington Perry the Third & Mistress Bridget Perry

Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City

Remington approached the militia headquarters again, with a determined look on his face. He had just sent an urgent message to Bridget's father in Columbus City. He knew it would take time before he got a reply, so he had decided to complain to the militia again.

When the building came into view, Bridget was standing on the steps, wringing her hands. She looked around her anxciously and so helpless, that Remington felt his heart melt and his anger give way to concern. But he steeled himself and promised to have a word with Bridget about her behaviour.

She spotted him and lifted her skirts to run to him, her wooden leg making her execute that delightful wobble that endeared him so. She flung her arms around his neck when she reached him, panting from the excercise. "Oh Remy," she said breathlessly.

"They let you go?" he asked. He hugged her back carefully.

"Of course they did,"she said in a high voice, as she leaned back enough to slap his chest. "They didn't arrest me, or anything. I have done nothing wrong, Remington." She clucked at her husband's assumption she'd get into trouble.

Remington narrowed his eyes, as he asked: "What did you tell them, darling?"

"Oh, just that I heard about the murder, and how Chago is an upstanding man who shows proper decorum to women; and that nothing untowards happened since we knew the men and women Chago associated with; And that Daddy owns a ..."

"Oh you little fool," Remington muttered. He started to drag Bridget to the train station.

"Wait! Where are we going, Remington?"

Remington turned to her and whispered: "I fear you may have made things difficult for the men and women we travel with." He hugged her again. "But not to worry, we can get home on our own. Our things are in suitcases at the station. We can leave soon."

Bridget pushed back against his chest. "But I don't want to leave! I like the crew! Well, maybe not all of them, but they always treated me with respect. I was almost their captain, you know!"

"Don't argue, Bridget. You are my wife, and I say we go home."

And with that he dragged his nagging wife along, not really listening to her arguments.


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