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Posted on Fri Jan 24th, 2014 @ 11:05am by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Mister Remington Perry the Third & Mistress Bridget Perry
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Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City
Location: Militia Headquarters, Chief's Office

"But that's my WIFE in there!" Remington Perry yelled at the guard restraining him. The guard shot a look at his colleague for assistence and between them, they carried the man kicking and screaming to the door, to throw him down the few steps.

Remington hit the ground hard. The gun had already been confiscated and he had no strength to break through the guards to get Bridget out. He cursed himself, as he felt blood drip from a cut above his eye. The scrapes on his hands burned already, the grit from the street mingling with small flaps of skin and drops of blood.

"Go home, sir," the guard said and closed the door.

"What?!" Remington forgot his pain and got up to hammer on the door. "You can't do this! I am Remington Perry the Third! I will have you removed from duty! I will make sure no one hires you ever again, not even as a farmguard for a chicken coop! You hear me? Let me in! Let me speak to my wife!"

A small crowd was gathering behind him, some people laughing, some people looking on concerned. He turned around, breathing heavily. He slicked his hair back and stroked his moustache. This needed something more subtle, he realised.

He set off in the direction of the post office.

Inside Bridget was being treated cordially. They had asked her to sit down to tell her story, she had asked for a cup of tea, because she was dehydrated from walking so far. They had even provided her with proper biscuits. Well, one biscuit. But it was the best biscuit she had had in weeks, she realised.

Of course she was clueless. But she was not letting on. She tried to ask questions while repeating things she knew the chief already knew. Strange fellow he was. Though he was polite, he kept his hat on all the time in his office. Bridget was unaware that she was giving away far too much about the people who had come into town with them. Not that she knew that much, and she was clever enough not to use the exact word 'pirates'. But the chief was able to piece together a good deal from her stories.

So he was honest and told her, after another cup of tea and another biscuit, "Thank you for your cooperation, Mrs. Perry," and opened the door to let her out. "You've been most helpful."

"Oh," Bridget tittered, while feeling a knot forming in her stomach. She sensed she had probably done something bad.

But she had found out something too. The chief had asked some pretty specific questions, questions that hinted at how much he already knew about the pirates staying in the dormitory.

When she looked at the clock in the hall, she was shocked to see 3 hours had passed already. Remy would be so worried.


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