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A man with a mission

Posted on Mon Jan 27th, 2014 @ 11:14am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City

Outside the dormitory a man stood, with a newspaper in hand. He had been watching the factory grounds ever since he followed Bradley from the train station. It had been a lucky tip that had brought him there. He had been busy contacting people, names he had only heard from Jack, and some people he knew personally, who owed him favours. He rubbed his shoulder, where the old injury played up. An injury that Bradley was responsible for, just like the one in his heart.

He watched the pirates mill about the building. He took note of how many there were. He had fully expected the crew to desert their captain after the arrest of that popular sailor. But they all stuck around, even when facing certain arrest once the sailor gave away that his companions were pirates. The sailor must have been made of tougher stuff, and had been rescued by some pretty powerful forces, the man mused. He had tried to find out who had been responsible for that, but nothing came up.

But now the time was right. The captain would feel relatively safe, with her crewmember out of the hands of the militia. And he knew their train was not scheduled to leave for another couple of weeks. They were still stuck here.

And they would stay stuck.

In prison.

He coughed and turned around, walking quickly to a carriage.

"To the militia head quarters!" he yelled at the driver.


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