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And a nice mug of hot chocolate

Posted on Mon Oct 31st, 2011 @ 7:51pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Snot Rag Chops McGinty

Mission: Chapter 1: The Sea and the Port
Location: Steamhawke, Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Late November Evening

"McGinty!" the captain bellowed as she stepped on the deck again, after her short trip to the tavern. "McGinty!!" again, a little louder, because she was sure the old swabbie was going deaf.

"Yes, Cap'm?" McGinty's voice came from behind her back. Daenelia jumped, and turned around. "McGinty, please make us some hot chocolate. Or maybe just warm milk for you. Don't want to keep you awake all night on the sugar and cocoa.."

McGinty squinted at his captain. Ever since the previous crew was lost McGinty had been filling a lot of different roles. Cook, Lookout, Engineer. It didn't seem to matter that all of his cooking tasted like dead rat, that he was mostly blind, or that he didn't know a pressure valve from a steam injector. For weeks he'd been filling in all the roles on the ship that the Captain asked him to.

This couldn't last.

Chops McGinty was born a swabbie and was determined to die a swabbie.

His skeletal fingers struggled with the water cooker and his elbow managed to knock the ship's supply of cocoa onto the kitchen floor. McGinty's eyes lit up and he reached for his mop and bucket... and found them already in the hands of the Captain.

"Never mind, I'll clean up. You just sit down. It's been a long day, hasn't it?" Daenelia said, as she took the mop away from the old swabbie. As she managed to spread the cocoa all over the floor, she smiled at McGinty. "You should go to bed. I'll just have some coffee and go over the map again." She turned away from McGinty, and continued to make a mess.


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