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Getting the Doctor

Posted on Fri Nov 29th, 2013 @ 9:44pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Captain Daenelia Bradley & Sailor Shanen Trevor & Mister Ivan Yorvlad

Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City

After talking to Melisande and learning that she needed someone to analyse evidence, Daenelia had decided that it was time to go do her own research. Yorvlad might be able to help. He knew all about death and bodies, and she suspected he had been in Kanesville long enough to point her in the right direction for bribes, who to intimidate or charm into helping her get Chago free. Asking Shanen to come along stemmed from the same idea: she felt out of her depth in this town. It was an added bonus she did not have to face Yorvlad alone.

The pair had been walking at a rapid pace in silence for a while now. The streets were not as empty as before, and Daenelia didn't like the mood of the people walking past them. They all looked ready for violence, she sensed.

"How much did you say?" asked a local, incredulously, of roadside market seller.

"Look, I buy these wholesale, but the supply ain't coming in, what do you want me to do? I gotta put the prices up to just make a living!"

The local made an obscene gesture and barged past Daenelia and Shanen as the walked by. "Hey!" called the seller. "I'm sure the next train will have a full load, then I can make you a deal!"

"Keep your head down Captain." Shanen advised quietly. "The workers have become more than a little disgruntled the past few weeks. Rumour has it that a lot of lay-offs might be incoming courtesy of the factory bosses and many of the employees are just waiting for any excuse to start a fight." A fight didn't worry the handsome blonde, not in the slightest but he would like to avoid one where possible.

He allowed himself a glance at his wristwatch, a chunky and expensive gold model, "How far is the Doctor's office?"

Daenelia peered at the street sign. "I think this is it," she said as she pointed down an alley. Nearby, dogs were barking deep and loudly. "Be careful when we go in. We'll just ask him nicely to come back to the dormitory. If he resists, we will knock him out."

Shanen nodded his understanding and led the way down the dingy alleyway. He slowly opened the door into the Doctor's surgery. "Doctor Yorvlad." He called out as he stepped into the dank office. There was an odd smell in the building, somewhere between rotten meat and rusted metal. "There's an odd smell in the building" commented the captain.

Gloved fingers pulled some dusty instruments aside. Daenelia and her war dog were being watched. They were looking around as best they could with the little daylight that was entering the building. A cigarette was smouldering on the desk. Shanen spotted it first and placed a hand on the captain's shoulder. "He's here, somewhere..."

Somewhere was right behind him. Shanen had heard the sound behind him a fraction too late. "Capta-mmmmpphhh!!!" His warning to Daenelia was muffled as a cloth soaked in a foul smelling liquid was clamped over his nose and mouth.

Shanen was a strong, athletic man but the chloroform was an equalizer. The sudden surprise of the attack had caused the sailor to breathe in a lungful of the noxious liquid and already his vision was blurring as the Doctor wrestled him to the ground.

"No visitor without appointment!" called Yorvlad from the floor, positioning himself in such a way that Shanen was in essence a human shield.

A soft sigh emanated from the handsome blonde as he passed out, his hands dropping limply to his side. The Doctor allowed himself a grim smile as he picked up Shannen's left wrist and let it flop back to the ground, confirming that he was unconscious.

With a grunt of effort he grabbed the sailor under the armpits and hauled him to his feet, holding the unconscious man in front of him as protection from Daenelia.

"Well Captain. I fancied you might come calling on me."

"I need your assistance, Yorvlad." stated Daenelia with her hands raised. "Just put down my man and we can discuss terms like adults."

"I think... not. He's a valuable specimen. Maybe I keep him myself, yes?"

"What? No!" Daenelia grabbed Shanen's arm and pulled his body in her direction. Yorvlad stood firm, tugging him back with surprising strength. The blonde was swung back and forth, unable to offer resistance.

"Yorvald! This is insane! Even for you!" Daenelia said as she wrapped her arms around Shanen's torso. She looked at his face with concern. "What did you do..." She sniffed and finally recognised the smell. "Chloroform! Really?" Yorvlad was using one had to try and pry Daenelia off of Shanen.

"Yes! Really! Now go away and I shall release your man when you walk out of the door!" Yorvlad gripped Shanen's arm as tightly as he could. Daenelia squinted her eyes at Yorvlad.

"Not bloody likely," she said, meaning both the walking away and Yorvlad letting Shanen leave alive. Yorvlad rolled his eyes and let go of the young man. Daenelia fell backwards, cradling Shanen to soften his fall. She started to slap his cheeks. "Shanen?"

Yorvlad was looking around to make a quick escape. Daenelia stopped slapping Shanen and used her free hand to pull her gun on the doctor.

"Oh-hoo. Now we get serious Captain. You ask for my help but offer nothing for Yorvlad? But maybe we could come to an arrangement?" He said as he knelt beside where Daenelia cradled Shanen. He took hold of Shanen's left arm and held up the heavy gold watch on the sailor's wrist to the Captain. "Perhaps he won't miss it if I was to take or perhaps you make me better offer, yes?"

One gunshot later and Yorvlad was rolling on the floor, holding his foot with both hands to stem the blood flow.

"Perhaps you agree to help me, or I keep putting bullets in you, yes?" asked Daenelia.

"Yes!" spluttered Doctor Yorvlad.

"Good. You have until Shanen wakes to patch yourself up, then you're coming with us."


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