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Council Adjourned

Posted on Tue Oct 15th, 2013 @ 9:37pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Captain Daenelia Bradley

Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City

Faizel was uncomfortable with the request. "Will you join the Council?" Leftheris had asked. "As Boatswain, you need to represent. Your rank requires you." After one disastrous night out, Leftheris obviously thought he found a compatriot in Faizel. They spoke the same language and they knew the same songs. Well, Faizel didn't sing them. He sang different songs of a land long gone, a people all but forgotten. But that was besides the point. He was loyal to the Captain. He admired her wild streak, and all he knew was that she provided pay on time, even without putting the crew at risk. She had connections, and even though her name was often ridiculed amongst pirates, Faizel had never known her to be anything other than true to her word and intentions.

He needed to speak with her.

The Captain was sitting on her bed in the room she had claimed as her own. Her pistol was in pieces before her as she was cleaning it. Faizel just pushed the open door, unsure if he should knock or not. He cleared his throat. Daenelia looked up and smiled. "One second. I have this sorted," she said as she quickly reassembled the weapon. After three minutes she twirled it around her finger. Then Faizel pointed to a spring on the matress. Daenelia looked at it. "That's not from my pistol. Is it?" She looked at Faizel with doubt in her eyes.

"You'll know when you fire, Captain," Faizel grinned.

"Oh funny," she said with a smile. "What can I do for you, bosun?" she said. Faizel shuffled his feet, then entered the room and closed the door. He sat down opposite his captain on the bed. "I... Something is going on that you should know about," he said in his slightly exotic accent. Daenelia nodded for him to go on.

"Leftheris came to me with the news that Kevin Price has started a ... council." He looked at Daenelia meaningful.

"Council?" she repeated incredulously. "Oh, really? Who else is involved?" She stroked her pistol absentmindedly.

Faizel shook his head. "I am not sure about anyone but Price and Leftheris. And Leftheris might just be .. misled." He did like the old fellow.

Daenelia wondered about Price. He had seemed easy going, level headed, good with numbers, good with people. He had not mentioned forming a council, not to her. She disliked councils. They never worked. "Right." She said, as she came to a conclusion. "Round up as many of the crew as you can, and make sure Master Price is one of them. They need to see this."

About twenty of the crew had assembled in the abandoned factory adjoining the dormitory. This was enough sets of eyes to get started, the news would travel to the rest of them quickly enough.

Kevin Price thought himself just one man in a crowd, but he was about to discover that he'd be taking centre stage. Captain Bradley came sauntering onto the factory floor, her footfalls echoing through the giant, dusty room. "Mister Price, what can you tell me about pirate councils?"

All eyes were on Kevin, whose own glance shot in the direction of Leftheris and back. His throat was dry. "Everyone in the council gets an equal say in who does what. By voting and negotiating. It's a democratic way of running things."

"Who made you the quartermaster, mister Price?"

" did".

"And who do I negotiate with to make decisions?"

Captain Bradley raised her prized pistol and pulled the trigger. She had reassembled her weapon correctly, and Kevin Price was no longer the quartermaster.

"Nobody" Daenelia answered for him, looking down at his body.

She blew the smoke from her pistol and holstered it. There was a mix of shock, horror, and adoration among the faces in the room. But most of all there was renewed loyalty.

"Loyalty" said the Captain. "The moment we lose loyalty is the moment we lose strength and unity. When votes have the power, we break down into intimidating and bribing one another. What you need to guide you is a single voice, my voice.

"The Steamhawke is far away but you are still my Sky Pirates. Our mission is the same as when you all joined. I'm going to find the lost treasure of Quazlatah, and you're going to help me find it. I'm also going to find a new quartermaster.

"And Faizel, get rid of that body."


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