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Second rate first mate

Posted on Wed Oct 2nd, 2013 @ 7:31pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Holland Jefferson Junior

Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City

Jefferson found the Captain at the square in front of Kanesville Central Station. He waved to get her attention and limped over to her. Being on land sure made him feel sluggish and slow.

"Did you sell the wagons?" was the first thing Daenelia asked.

"What? No, not yet. I left Faizel at the stable with the wagons and horses. I need to discuss something with you," he said earnestly.

"Oh, the train tickets," Daenelia nodded.

"No, you have a problem," Jefferson said. Daenelia looked left and right. Was he refering to her drinking? Colton? A mutiny?

"Tell me," she said.

"Captain, I don't feel up to being first mate without a ship beneath my feet. We're on land, and will be for a while. You don't need me," he said with a shrug.

Truth be told, Daenelia knew full well she needed Jefferson. Jefferson had a rapport with the crew that she almost envied. His jovial smile and stern guidance had made a difference in how well the crew performed as well as how social they were amongst each other. There had been fewer fights, less arguments over stolen items and no one bothered the Captain anymore with trivial questions. She didn't know what she'd do without him.

"Just because we don't have a ship, doesn't mean we don't have a crew," she said. "I still need a left hand to handle day to day dealings."

Jefferson sighed. He understood. It wasn't that Daenelia was an inexperienced captain, and it was true most of the crew only stuck around because she was a good source of income and a lenient captain. She was also rather distant from the crew, as most good captains are. If she had the capacity to make the right decisions, she would have been an asset to any navy. But she was a pirate for a reason.

"You better look for someone else, Daenelia," he said softly. He was fed up with dealing with the more unstable crewmates. He was unsettled in how close he had come to breaking that girl's arm. There was something about the girl's behaviour that had threatened to break his professional veneer. She was trouble, and not in a good way. He considered reminding the captain that she had such a loose cannon on board. That she ought to watch her back.

"I'm the first mate of a sky ship. And it's been a while since I stepped foot on one."

As Daenelia struggled for words to make Jefferson stay, he patted her on the shoulder and hobbled away. Let her deal with the girl.


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