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We'll see about that

Posted on Mon Sep 30th, 2013 @ 9:08pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Mistress Maraea Morgan & Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Master Holland Jefferson Junior
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Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City
Location: Kanesville

Jefferson was leaning against the wagon outside the stables where the sailors had sold their horses after the trip from Harling Pass to Kanesville. Captain Daenelia had gone off to the train station and hadn't been seen since. The cowboy Colton was also absent, he noticed, and he snorted after putting two and two together.

He was brushing up his old but shiny buttons when Maraea walked up to him. She was a fine looking lass, he thought to himself, like a beautiful but dangerous weapon. He reminded himself that most of the women of the crew fitted that description. They were all dangerous. They had to be. If only the captain could keep better discipline, women would be safer on board. Well, everyone would be safer on board. He still reeled at the list of casualties and sailors who ran away in port. Steamhawke did not have a stable crew, because it didn't have a stable captain, he nodded to himself.

Yet sometimes stability was better in theory, than in practice. It holds us in an impenetrable vault in which we cannot grow. Growth is a byproduct of pain, and this crew is no stranger to it. Maraea had known this pain her whole life. Her father was a ruthless bastard who raised her to act the exact same way. Death ceased to be an idea too early in her youth.

She looked at Jefferson, her face impassive. He was a good enough First Mate, but she thought he lacked the connection one in his position should have with their crew. This worried her. Maraea did not trust him. Well, she did not trust anyone.

Maraea narrowed her eyes at him. "We haven't spoken yet." Her tone was as smooth as it was stern. A paradox, but one that worked when coming from the former Sky Captain.

"Your leadership abilities are impressive. I expected as much when I first saw you." She added.

Her eyes remained locked onto Jefferson's.

"I don't want you looking at me, First Mate," she warned, calmly. Despite the topic, her tone was soothing and her eyes were welcoming. "You're young enough to be ambitious, old enough to have the wisdom to get what you want, and almost as smart as me."

She moved closer to him.

"When you watch me, know that I'm looking right back at you," she said, cryptically.

Jefferson harumphed dismissively. "I keep an eye on everyone, and I don't mind one bit if you don't like it. I'm along for this trip with a job to do, and that's to keep you lot in line. So stand in line, miss Morgan!"

At hearing those words, Maraea smiled. It was the type of smile that was normally given to children -- especially when they were being cute. "My father had facial hair just like yours."

Her hand is brought to his face. "Feels the same also."

"I remember my father, barking orders and murdering those that did not follow them. He had this.." She pauses for a moment, as if looking for the right words. The truth was that she was holding back tears. "...this vein in his forehead that appeared only when he smiled."

She pulled her hand away; her face becoming stern once again.

"When I saw his face.." She was starting to get angry. "After my brother poisoned him, that vein was visible whether he smiled or not. It was disgusting and the saddest sight I've ever seen. Here was the strongest man I ever knew, on his death bed, whispering sweet words to me that proved to be his last."

She moved even closer to him, their faces inches away. "I am smarter than my brother, and more fearless than my father. I also already know what a strong man's face looks like before he dies."

'What in the seven skies was this girl talking about?' Jefferson wondered, watching Maraea's melodramatic performance.

"And you remind me of my daughter. She's twelve."

Being on land like this made him remember how old he felt. Without the wind in his hair it just didn't seem worth the effort to keep up with this girl.

"If you'll excuse me, I have to deliver a message to the captain."

Maraea smiled as he left, as if the emotions previously expressed were all for show.


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