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Posted on Tue Sep 3rd, 2013 @ 7:53pm by Sailor John Colton

Mission: Chapter 8: Pirates and Cowboys
Location: Harling Pass

There was quite a commotion around the Pass, with figures dashing around in panic. A dark-skinned man stood out, a blade in either hand, and he was accompanied by a younger, more curiously dressed man who was carrying heavy bags. Another two figures were observing the running men from behind a bush.

"Aint those two of the troublemakers?" asked the big one.

"Yes, but that cowboy we saw is worth a buck or two, let's go find him first" asked the small one.

"Why?" asked the big one in confusion.

"Because I said so!" explained the small one, as she crept out from behind the bush and into the nearest alley. The big one made a long sigh and followed her. They were kitlings. Only the female's large eyes stood out in the darkness of the alley, her black fur making her hard to spot. She had slight features, and a long tail that swished around as she made her way carefully towards the daylight on the other side. The male was much taller, bulky and strong and red-haired. He crashed his way clumsily out into the street, knocking over a pile of garbage. The female looked at him in contempt, and he wiggled his tail sadly.

Up the street now, and the female threw herself up a wall and peered into a window. She was motionless for the longest time, and the male was getting worried about her.

"Zora!" he called up at her. No response. "Zora!" he called louder, adding a moan of concern. She craned her neck and hissed down at him. "Don't call me that! We're out on the field, so we're using our codenames. I'm Catscratch, and you're Blazingtail!"

"I can't use my name? What's wrong with 'Jack'?"

"Everyone's called Jack! Now... be quiet and keep an eye on that door. I'm going to slip inside and let you in."

Catscratch knew she had to move quickly. Blazingtail wasn't exactly stupid, but he did have a short attention span. He was big for a kitling, and tough as nails. She needed his help to overpower the cowboy, the one that everyone blamed for starting all the trouble recently. The boss would love to get his hands on him. Catscratch snuck through the old building without the cowboy spotting her, and opened the latch at the front door. She was happy to see that Blazingtail hadn't wandered off, and led him back up the stairs. Catscratch stepped aside and Blazingtail tilted his head through the crack in the door. The room was bare except for the smouldering remains of a fire in the fireplace, and the cowboy was stuffing goods into a bag. The big cat lifted his truncheon in the air and crashed into the room. "What the hell?" asked Colton, and then the red-haired kitling was on him.

The cowboy staggered from the blow to his knee, and then managed a swift kick to the kitling's stomach which dropped him to the floor. A high pitched screech startled Colton, and then a black furry girl jumped onto his back. Catscratch scrambled up the man's coat and wrapped her arms around his neck. Colton thrashed around in confusion with the kitling's legs dangling out behind him. Blazingtail was coughing and spluttering on the floor, and just managed to find his feet again when Colton span around and threw Catscratch into the fireplace. The ashes flared back to life and the kitling flew into the air with her tail on fire. She was still howling when she jumped out of the window.

Colton lifted Blazingtail by the scruff of his neck and punched him hard in the face. "Who sent you?" the man demanded. The Kitling just squirmed and squealed, so Colton hit him again. "Stop!" Blazingtail protested, raising his hands over his face. He'd lost two of his fangs, and with only two left at diagonals his mouth felt askew. He was more confused than ever. "Please stop! This wasn't supposed to happen, please stop hitting me!"

"Who sent you?" repeated Colton, flipping open his holster. Blazingtail's eyes were dilated, and one of them was started to swell closed. "The boss! The boss told us to deal with the troublemakers. 'Cos you keep making trouble. Please stop making trouble!"

"Some kind of vigilante group?" Colton asked to himself, dropping the kilting on the floor. He pointed his revolver lazily at Blazingtail. "Where's your boss?"

"Under the Buffalo! Under the Buffalo!"

Colton narrowed his eyes.


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