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Stoking the fire

Posted on Wed Nov 2nd, 2011 @ 4:35pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 1: The Sea and the Port
Location: The dock, in front of the Steamhawke
Timeline: Early November morning

The sun had been up for about an hour, and Captain Bradley was leaning against a stack of crates on the dock. The breakfast McGinty had served fought its way up every few minutes. If only a suitable cook could be found for the ship. So far, her quest for new crew mates had been... difficult, to say the least. Even though the port she had chosen was a destination for many a pirate and other people on the run from authorities, they still paled when she told them about the ship they would be sailing on. It probably also did not help that her previous 4 ships had all been destroyed. Not all her fault, of course.

She covered her mouth as another burp sought to escape. Almost without realising she padded her shirt, to hear the familiar paper map crackle. This map was the reason she had hoped new crew members would join her ship. A sure thing, the man who sold it to her had said. Of course, he was too old and frail to go after a treasure on such a dangerous island. But a young captain with a sturdy ship could easily find the riches the map promised. But a ship had to be crewed to fly.

Meanwhile, Brem picked up a small metallic ball from a pile of scrap, To look at this ball someone may think it was a large ball baring with strange patterns over half of it, when in reality Brem had no idea the secrets it held.

Its time to leave this place Brem though, to many people want this thing. He was referring to the ball, borrowed from people who only wanted it because others wanted it.

A short time later near the docks Brem finds himself looking at the ships to see which one he is going to take out of there. One rather floppy man had told him about the ship he was standing in front of. Apparently it was the fastest one on the waves, with enough cabin space to swing a cat, but something just didn't fit right with him.

Daenelia looked up and saw a bald man looking up at the ship. She clearedher throat. "She's a fine ship, my good man. And looking for a good crew." She stepped up to the man and extended her hand. "And I am her captain. Captain Daenelia Bradley.

The man stared at her, while she stared at his scars. She soon shook herself our of her reverie and continued talking. "So, you wouldn't happen to be a cook, would you? You have the look of a hard worker. I could use someone to hoist sails or man the engines... Would be even better if you were an engineer of sorts...?"

The man nodded silently.

"Great!" Daenelia clapped her hands and then rubbed them. "Come aboard and we'll discuss the details." She took a deep breath and walked up the plank, hoping the man would follow. Over her shoulder she asked casually: "What's your name, my good man?"

"Brem" he said as he watched her head onto the ship. It took a few moments before he followed her, that was mainly because it took that time for him to read the ship for what it was, something he could learn to love.

Once on the deck Brem passed the ball from hand to hand and back again, someone who didn't know him may think he was nervous and this was some sort of tick when in reality it helped him think. A few passes later something in the ball clicked, Brem looked down at it and smiled to himself. "Point me to your engine, I need to hear her."


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