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The engine room

Posted on Wed Nov 16th, 2011 @ 2:29pm by Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 2: The Map says 'Go Here'

The engine room. Two hours after leaving port.

"Shovel that thrice damned coal or you can tell the capt'n why her ship fell from the skies" Brem bellowed at two of his engineering crew. The engine room was hot and the sweat, poring off all of the crew in there. "Mr Himuru, what's the pressure?"

Akito tapped one of the glass dials and replied, "Pressures fine sir, but its Himuro."

"What?" Brem asked

"Himuro, not Himuru"

"That's what I said!" he turned around to see a young lad about to put his hand into a set of cogs, "YOU! STOP THERE!

The lad and a few of the other members of the crew stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Brem. "What's your name boy?"

"erm..." the lad stuttered looking confused with his arm still held out.

"Well Erm, can you tell me why your about to rip your arm off and hurt my engine?"

All of the colour drained from Erm's face as he slowly put his arm down. "I was going to.. you know.. clean the cogs for you..."

Brem put his hand to his head and whipped it over his eye. "Do me a favour, just stand near the door and tell me if anyone comes, that's all I want you to do for now."

With that Erm walked over to the door and stood looking out. Brem turned to see the two engineers who were shovelling coal stood, giggling to each other and not as they were supposed to, shovelling coal.

"Mr Himuru, pressure?" he asked

"One notch down but still in the green sir, and its Himuro"

As if the two engineers could see Brem's eye turn red they started shovelling the coal as if the devil were after them and he smiled. With a nod towards the engine herself he said "We'll soon have you singing well."

Erm turned to Brem and said "Pardon?"


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