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Welcome to the West

Posted on Sat Jun 8th, 2013 @ 2:46pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Sailor John Colton & Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Brem de Berg & Master Ashrieda Sjaarda & Master Caroline Summers & Mate Sahka Mounzouk Oarsman & Sailor Mei-Xiu & Sailor Azzo Weisse & Sailor John O'Leary Jack & Sailor Santiago Moreno & Snot Rag Miyra Blackbird & Mister Claw Rakefield I. & Mister Xanos Knyghtshade I & Mister Cadmus Valerian & Mate Ivan Petrov & Snot Rag Harriet Brooks

Mission: Chapter 8: Pirates and Cowboys
Location: The Iron Buffalo, Harling Pass

"That must be the lawbreaker! We found him!"

A group of strangers were pushing through the crowds towards John Colton. From the way they were dressed, and the mean looks in their eyes, it was a good guess that they were bounty hunters that had tracked the outlaw to Harling Pass.

The shouting had been so loud that the locals had stopped what they were doing and had turned around in their seats. Some of the Steamhawke's crew were there as well, having only just landed after a long journey.

Colton and his old captain Daenelia Bradley exchanged nervous glances as the first of the men stepped in front of him. He was reaching for his gun. At the same time that the self-playing piano reached the end of its tune, Daenelia shoved the nearest drunkard off his seat, picked up the wooden stool, and smashed it over the bounty hunter's head.

The man toppled over, the piano began a jaunty tune, and all hell broke loose.

Dottie, who had been smirking at the pick up line Colton threw at Daenelia, suddenly had to duck as a chair flew her way. She saw Colton push Daenelia to the floor, as he spun around to kick a man in the stomach with a backwards kick.

Some of the "Steamhawke" crewmen who had jumped into their captain's help had bruises and were still clenched in fight against cowboys and bounty hunters, a tavern girl was unconscious somewhere in a corner, and another one was bent over her, trying to revive her.

The pretty-faced brown haired woman sitting on a stool behind the bar leapt to her feet and took out her notebook, scribbling down notes as the tempo increased. At last, something interesting in this plain old place!

At his turn, Chago stood to defense, punching the first man who approached him with hostility, even if he was not so good at fist fights, and he was not the one to draw a blade first. He got distracted, though, at seeing Miyra getting attacked by a bounty hunter. He was about to go and help when the brown haired woman got up and threw a bottle at his head.

Miyra somehow ended up being chased by one of the bounty hunters. She used the piano and a running-jump to get up into the roof, only to find that the bounty hunter had followed her.

"The pretty little thing has arrows!" He teased, gesturing to the bow slung across one shoulder, but the look on his face told her he was afraid of heights.

"You want to fight?" She laughed. "Alright, let's fight!" And she smacked him across the nose with the end of her bow. Judging by the crash landing, he wouldn't be taking part in any more of the brawl. She grinned, and jumped back down into the fighting.

Ashrieda, watching the chaos unfold, snatched a bottle of beer out of a cowboy's hand, took a sip, and then whacked the man over the head with it. He went down without a sound. Dottie had just dodged a fist and took a step back, tripping over the unconscious cowboy. She hit her head pretty bad and was out cold, too.

Colton had just punched another bounty hunter and used the brief respite to hold out a hand to help Daenelia up. "Fun, isn't it?" Daenelia said as she was pulled close to his face. Colton looked grimly at her. She let go of his hand and stood back to back with him for a second, taking in the scene. Then she yelled and threw herself at an unwashed cowboy, who immediately made his fist connect with her jaw. The impact made her spin around before she hit the floor, ending up next to Dottie.

The received bottle had only confused Chago for a while, but it didn't knock him down, so he was able to give a hand to his captain and one to Dottie when they landed next to him, helping them back to their feet. Then, seeing that one of the cowboys had taken out a bowie knife, ready to lounge at Miyra, who was busy fighting a little farther, Chago's navaja got in his hand, giving the attacker another aim.

The tavern door was kicked open suddenly, followed swiftly by the forced amputation of several limbs belonging to rowdy patrons nearest to the door. “Oi’, which’ah’yah started a brawl without yer’ friend, Carol, huh?” a familiar voice shouted. The crazed women bounded further into the tavern, separating body parts from their owners as she did. It didn’t take long for her to carve a large enough swath of drunken revelers that the fighting began to down, more from a lack of participants than anything else.

The cowboy Chago had started fighting with, knife to knife, starred distracted at the new appearance, forgetting his next move. Others did the same, seeing the disaster the newly arrived woman had produced. Chago didn't mind remaining without an adversary, and he looked for Miyra, whose opponents were either on the floor, or backing off now. It seemed that Carol had intervened just in time.

"Stand down! Stand down y'all!" A loud booming voice made it barely over the din of grunts, screams and fisticuffs. The fight was already dying down, but the brawlers stopped altogether to look at the men who had just entered the saloon. "What do you think you're doing? This ain't no fightin' ring!" The man who spoke put his thumb behind the shiny badge that was pinned on his vest.

"Now for all you numbskulls who haven't figured it out yet, I am the sheriff of this here place and you are all under arrest!" He glared at the group of 15 or so men and women who were more or less still on their feet. His eyes rested on Carol, who was barely standing still. Breathing heavily and with blood dripping from her sword she made quite a sight. She was the only one who had bloodsplatters that weren't her own on her clothes.

"I don't know what this world is coming to," the sheriff muttered. "Arrest her!" he pointed to Carol, and his deputies rushed in to catch her. Carol wasn't stupid, and though she was drunk, she was still thinking quicker than the young men racing towards her. She somersaulted out of the window and made a run for it.

The lawmen could only stand by and watch her get away. "Never mind," the sheriff said. He kicked a dismembered arm out of the way and stepped closer to the group of men who had started the fight. "I told you before, you can't just take the law into your own hand, mister." The bounty hunters had made trouble in Harling Pass before. The sheriff just never had found a good enough reason to lock them up. Now he had.

The crew of the Steamhawke moved closer together. Miyra back into Chago, who stepped in front of her protectively. Dottie was holding her jaw and reached out to pull her captain back into the shadows. Colton stood on his own and watched the sheriff.

"They started it," he told the sheriff. To Daenelia's ears he sounded like the little boy she had known all that time ago. Colton always got her out of trouble. She smiled.

"Is that so?" The sheriff narrowed his eyes.

"He's telling the truth, Sheriff Tubbs." vouched the brown-haired girl.

"Is that so?" The sheriff narrowed his eyes further. "Well, okay Kathy, I'll take your word for it." He took his hand off of his holster and pointed to the door. "Stay out of trouble, stranger. That goes for your friends as well. We don't take kindly to lawbreakers 'round these parts."


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