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Ghost stories

Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2013 @ 7:52pm by Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 7: Going West

The group sat around a fire, jungle surrounding them. They had come to the island in search of treasure and so far they had found none, one of their number had been lost to a insect bite and another had slipped and fallen down a cliff path. There were five of them left, the captain, two gunmen, a cabin boy and an old man called 'grandfather'.

"Tell us a story Grandfather." said one of the gunmen

"Yes, please Grandfather!" the boy added eagerly.

The old man rubbed his eyes and muttered to himself before saying "Ok, but let me finish this time." he said the last part with a glance at the captain.

"Have you ever heard the legend of Bill Hillmen? He was a treasure hunter, a lot like us, but unlike us he found his treasure. It was on an island much like this one. He had been searching for a cave at the base of the mountain, a cave which lead deep into its heart.

They say he found ruins of an old civilisation scattered within the jungle and they before the cave entrance stood an alter to Gods older than the once he had been told about as a child. He went into the cave with care, bones of the long dead scattered, some snapped and sucked dry while others not.

He went deeper into the cave and found coins of gold and silver, but that wasn't the treasure he was after. Deeper still jewels the size of your fist but he wanted the thing at the deepest part of the cave. It took an hour or so more before he found what he was looking for. Upon a pedestal sat a necklace said to give the wearer immortality.

He quickly ceased it and put it on, if only he had realised, the gem in the necklace glowed as soon as it touched his chest and he fell over in pain. He heard a voice as he gasped for breath, "Mortal, you have taken what is mine, do you want to live forever?" "Yes!" he cried out. "Then so be it!" the voice boomed in his head.

The pain he felt stopped and he felt different somehow but he couldn't put his finger on why. He made his way back towards the mouth of the cave when he noticed..."

"ENOUGH!" the captain shouted, "Enough of this tale for now, we need to sleep"

"Awww but its nearly done" the boy moaned

"Not now boy, another time, this isn't the place for this story to be finished and Grandfather knows it"


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