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The loss

Posted on Fri Apr 19th, 2013 @ 9:21am by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Mister Remington Perry the Third & Mistress Bridget Perry

Mission: Chapter 7: Going West
Timeline: Halfway through the journey

A long winded wail was heard from one of the passenger cabins. It was starting to grate on Daenelia's nerves. But not enough to give back the object whose absence caused such grief. The Captain turned over on her other side, pressing the pillow over her ears to shut out the sound of Bridget Perry's wails.

"But darling! We can get you a new leg when we're home!" Remington said, as he rubbed his wife's back. Bridget only cried louder.

"I do-ho-ont want a new leg!" she sobbed. "I want, I want, I want my own leg!"

Remington paused. "But that's impossible, darling. You can't grow a new leg, can you?" Bridget stopped sobbing and looked over her shoulder with a look that would have killed a lesser man.

"You're not being sensitive, Remy," she chided. Remmington had the decency to lower his eyes and look contrite. "And you did not look hard enough for my leg." She wiped her nose on a lace-edged handkerchief. "I think you don't want to find my leg. I think you think it is handy that it isn't in the way. You like to humiliate me, leaving me here a cripple." She shot him another look. "I think you're having an affair!"

"What? How..? Where did...?" Remington stood up and looked at his wife with a look of confusion. "No, Bridget, I am NOT having an affair. And I did look for your leg." He sighed. "The captain assured me..." he trailed off, not willing to go through the lies again. After his visit to the Captain and his search with that drunken woman, he had become quite aware of the dangerous position they were in. Up in the sky, surrounded by cutthroat pirates. The fact that the captain was a woman had not turned out to be a security against anything untowards happening to two ... wealthy... passengers. He closed his eyes. At least Bridget still thought it was an adventure and called him 'her pirate'.

"Anyway," Bridget continued, "anyway, anyway. I'm going to have them all arrested when we land. And the ship ransacked. And Daddy will buy me a new leg." She turned away from Remmington and threw her head on the pillow. It was the sign that Remy should leave her now. Remy understood quickly enough.

He got up, not sure if he wanted to leave the cabin. The door was bolted and it made him feel relatively safe. He glanced at himself in the cheap scratched mirror on the wall. He straightened his shoulders, pulled his jacked down and cleared his throat. "I'll be out." After all, he was boxing champion of his school. He was fast, had perfect reflexes and had once disarmed a robber in a shop. He could handle a couple of pirates. Thugs, with no sophistications. They barely knew to use the pointy end of a sword.

As soon as he stepped out on deck, he headed to the man he had seen carving little figurines in his spare time. "Say, my good man," he started in a clear voice. "I have a proposition for you." And he took out his silver purse, to count out some coins.


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