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Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2013 @ 9:32am by Master Brem de Berg & Snot Rag Chops McGinty

Mission: Chapter 7: Going West

The Steamhawke crew were still feeling shook up by the problems with the engine, and wondering what else would befall them. In any case, there wasn't much choice but to just go along for the ride to wherever it was they were going. It's not that they didn't know, the old west was home to some of them, but some of them just didn't care. One adventure was as good as another for them. It just so happened that four like minded men had found themselves hidden behind a stack of crates when one produced a pack of playing cards. The cards in question were in various states and quite clearly from different decks, some had half naked women printed on, others ships or pleasant views, while some still were just numbers.

"So the game is six card montgomery, anyone caught cheating will be thrown overboard." the dealer said. He was a large man, clearly from the engine room, dust covered his body and he had a clean mark around his eyes where he had worn goggles at some point. It was quite clear to each of the men that cheating would be happening and they would be fine so long as they were stealthy about how they were doing it. Slipping in an extra card would be ok if they weren't seen doing it and so on.

Winters squinted at his hand of cards. He had two nine of spades. This was going to be interesting. "You know, Dottie's going to kill us if she finds out she missed out on a game of cards. Hit me with two" he interrupted himself, discarding two cards, and taking two from the dealer. One of them was an eleven of fish, and Winters raised an eyebrow. "Although we might not be playing seriously enough for her liking."

"What are you talking about?" asked the dealer, throwing a card on the table and taking another from the deck. "It doesn't get any more serious than six card montgomery."

One of the other men, Riccon, shook his head in dismay "Three" he said as he threw the cards down he didn't want. "Any idea what's going to happen next?" he picked up his cards and shook his head, a two of cannons, a three breasted mermaid and what surprisingly looked like a hand drawn picture of the steamhawke.

The dealer scratched behind his ear, "We either make it west or not. Given how things have been for us of late, more like we will end up in some frozen hell with no way to get out."

"But we're all along for the ride, what choice do we have?" Winters was getting a bit frustrated. "You weren't here from the start! You don't know how many scrapes we've gotten into, but the captain always pulls through."

"None of us were here from the start!" interjected Riccon. "The captain just pulled into Seaport with old man McGinty on board. It was practically a ghost ship. But nobody ever asks what happened to the old crew, do they?"

"Whose turn is it?"

It was the fourth mans turn, he hadn't spoken until now "One" he said in a low voice. "I heard she killed em all, put poison in the grogg to she didn't have to split the treasure. Let their bodies go swimming in the sky. That's why I never touch the stuff till we get back on land with the booty."

The dealer looked at him before sliding the card. "Don't be stupid, friend, she'd never do it, McGinty on the other hand... Have you tasted his cooking?"

"Yeah, if I have to fish another beard hair out of my stew, I'm going to go crazy."

"Montgomery!" Riccon called out as he put his cards on the table. "Two ships, three mystic things and a thrown of skulls." He smiled, making sure they couldn't see the card up his sleeve. "Thank you chaps, I need to go now."

With that Riccon collected the small pile of trinkets and left the group.


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