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Through the eyes of a child

Posted on Sun Jan 27th, 2013 @ 1:22am by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Sailor Mei-Xiu
Edited on on Sun Jan 27th, 2013 @ 7:11am

Mission: Chapter 6: Desperate Times
Location: Barnacle's Bar
Timeline: Last post of chapter 7

Josep had crawled out of bed when he heard gun shots and men screaming, just across the road. He was scared. He was ready to run. But his father had told him to stay in his room, no matter what. Daddy would come and get him if there was danger. But Josep wasn't happy being on his own in the room. He tiptoed to the stairs, and peeked down to see if he could see his father. There were a few serving girls, who were throwing fearful glances at the front door. Uncle Tomas was standing near the window, looking out, while holding a rifle. After a few minutes he moved quickly to the door. When he opened the door a fearful red glow illuminated his face and Josep smelled fire. His grandmother stepped through the door first. She looked angry. It made Josep more afraid. Then his dad was there, and his uncles Leon and Jaime.

"What happened?" Tomas asked frantically.

"Daenelia Bradley," Leon said.

"There making sure the fire doesn't spread. The bar is safe," Rosita said.

"The governor is dead, Tomas," Jaime said. "She killed him." He growled.

"But... that's good, no?" Tomas said. "Now, he won't trouble us no more." Rosita shot her youngest son a cold look. "But now Aurelia Bonney has free reign. She will have all of her father's fortune to do what ever she likes. His connections will see her as the victim in all of this. She knows Daenelia was my friend! Aurelia will come after us, when she gets the chance!"

"We still have friends on the island, Madre," Jaime said soothingly. He put an arm around his mother.

Josep knew Daenelia. She had given him toy soldiers. He liked her. But Daenelia had killed someone and that was scary.

"Daenelia Bradley will never come to Seaport again," Jaime continued. "She will be shot on sight, if she does. She has always been a dangerous woman."

Mei-Xiu had been listening,while standing at the doorway. When she moved, Tomas remembered she was there. "What are you still doing here? Go to your ship and your captain! Leave us alone!"

Mei-Xiu was on the verge of tears upon hearing this as rejection was not something new to her,but something that hurt her no less every time. That was the tone,word choice,and volume used on her by those who had called themselves her master.It reminded her of what a freak she must be to outsiders and why she had such a low opinion of humans until one reached it to her.

Josep started to cry softly in his hiding place and slid down the stairs, on step at a time. Mei-Xiu heard him and stood up to comfort him. But Matteo stopped her. "You are not touching my son."

Suddenly, the automaton's vision was hazy and misty as streams of tears flowed out."F-fine,I'm leaving!", she whimpered, as she turned around and stared making her way out. She hadn't meant for her words to come out so weakly, yet they did.

Josep turned to Matteo,"She saved my life,Papa."

But Matteo's eyes were hard as rock as he stared at Mei. "She's a pirate. She doesn't care about you, me or anyone on this island." He grabbed Josep and hugged him tight to his chest. With his hand on the back of the boy's head, making sure Josep couldn't look at Mei, not even for a goodbye, he simply said: "Leave."

Josep broke free of his father's grasp,just as Mei approached the door.The boy approached the despondent woman with a smile and grabbed her hand.As she turned around,she heard him say "I want you to have this." She looked down to see that he had put a medium sized coral colored aggie and smiled through her tears.Mei-Xiu kneeled down to his level,"Thank you,you're a good boy.Well...goodbye." The woman walked back to the ship,all the while admiring the marble.


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