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Appointment with the Governor

Posted on Thu Dec 27th, 2012 @ 7:40pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Brem de Berg & Snot Rag Chops McGinty
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Mission: Chapter 6: Desperate Times
Location: Seaport
Timeline: Day 4
Tags: Governor Bonney, Rosita, The Jackals

He stood about 5ft 7 with greying hair and day old stubble, his face was weathered but it seemed to suit him. The collar on his long coat covered his neck but metal could still be seen reaching up towards his skull. He looked up and nodded to himself "The governors place" he muttered. He took some steps that, if anyone was watching him closely, would look slightly off. As if he was tilting at the wrong angle, or his movements were too smooth, yet halting at the wrong time. A soft whirring sound swelled to a gear-grinding sound as he lifted his leg, a click sounded as the foot was set down, and the sounds repeated for the other leg. The man look old, but his movements were fast.

One does not simply walk into the Governor's office, the man found out as a thug pushed him back with a hand on his chest. "Where are you going, old timer?" The man spoke with an Old West accent, and was chewing tobacco. Dark coloured spit stained the corner of his mouth. It looked quite disgusting.

"I'm Robert Finney. I have an appointment with the Governor," the man said as he lifted his eyes to meet the thug's stare.

The thug looked into the man's eyes and nodded, without knowing why and let the man in. "He's in another meeting at the moment, just take a seat and go in when the other guy comes out."

The door to governor's office was slightly open and Robert stood and listened, trying to get a good viewing angle without pushing the door open any further. The old man could see the Governor standing behind his desk, leaning forwards with his hands spread out. He didn't look happy.

"I can't believe what that daughter of mine did, just walking into the enemy's den like that. Now Rosita's Sons are on high alert and Barnacle's Bar is the most secure location in the 'port."

For a moment there was only silence in the office, almost as if the Governor was talking to himself. "I heard that Aurelia was acting on your orders." came the reply eventually. The man's voice was muffled, with an accent that was not distinct. "Almost as if you were getting impatient with me. That you decided that I wasn't acting fast enough. But I'll believe you this time if you tell me that your daughter was acting independently."

"Do we still have a deal?" the Governor asked.

"Yes, the deal is still valid," replied the stranger. "I remove Rosita Martinez from Seaport, and you give me the names of Jack Stallion's former associates. I am having some trouble tracking down the Captain."

At that moment the door to the office fell off its hinges and Robert fell into the room. He had been leaning a little too hard against it.

"What is this?" asked the stranger in alarm. But the Governor recognised him immediately. "Sorry about this, that's mister Finney who is my contact in the spider silk industry. Finney, what are you doing?" shouted the Governor as he ran up to him.

He grabbed his old friend by the arm and tried to pull him to his feet. "Sorry old Bonney, I don't know my own weight these days. I must have... knocked too hard on the door."

"Of course you did" laughed the Governor nervously as Finney finally found his feet. "I'm sure my guest has no hard feelings." Robert finally got a good look at the man the Governor was dealing with, although his identity remained a mystery. The stranger wore a long naval longcoat, but his entire head was obscured by a sort of leather gas mask which disguised both his face and his voice. His coat was devoid of all decoration except for a metal pin on his collar in the shape of a jackal. "We're done here" spoke the masked man, turning to leave. "I'll contact you again soon."

"Who was that?" asked Robert Finney when the masked man had left, and the door had been lifted back into place. The Governor turned away and played with his hands nervously. "That was Valentine, an agent from the Jackals." "The Ja-" began Finney in alarm, before checking himself and lowering his voice. "What is one of them doing in Seaport?"

"He's looking for Jack Stallion, the pirate captain. I don't know what he's done to get the attention of the Brittish military, but it must have been bad if they sent Valentine looking for him. He's agreed to do me a favour if I help him in his investigation. With someone like him working for me, Seaport will be mine."

"Don't you think that's a little strange, old Bonney? The Jackals getting involved in your dispute with Rosita?"

"Nonsense!" shouted the Governor. "Valentine just recognises me as the authority of Seaport! And soon enough nobody will be able to question that!"


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