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Target in sight

Posted on Wed Jan 2nd, 2013 @ 9:36pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty

Mission: Chapter 6: Desperate Times

Yesterday the daughter of the Governor had marched right into Barnacle's Bar, and when the fight was over both Rosita Martinez and her establishment were left with a few pieces missing. Over the last 24 hours the tensions in that part of Seaport were becoming unbearable, with the Governor's Men brazenly attacking anyone known to be associated with Rosita. Nevertheless, the bravest citizens of Seaport had decided to take her side and help tidy up the wreckage in Barnacle's Bar. It was still open for business, after all.

Rosita had declared that shutting up shop would be a sign of weakness. Her Sons had tried to talk her out into closing the bar for a while, but she refused to back down. It gave the bar an unusual atmosphere, thought Valentine as he nursed his mug of ale. Half of the patrons were acting like it was business as usual, while the rest were a mixture of defiant and nervous, and plenty of other emotions were flaring as well.

Valentine rested in his chair and raised his mug to the first person who made eye contact with him. By wearing no disguise at all, his identity was kept secret. The regulars were totally used to strangers dropping by, as Seaport had visitors all the time. Nobody knew who he was, or the real reason that he was here. Rosita was tending to customers, and it would be a simple matter to walk up to the bar and put a bullet in her head. If only there weren't so many people around, he'd do just that, and return to the Governor so that the man could fulfill his part of their agreement. But any violence in Barnacle's Bar would lose him his cover and probably also his life. He would have to wait until Rosita was alone.

Eventually the stranger ordered another drink, so that his pretense as a patron would be kept up. Even with his iron stomach, Valentine would never normally drink while on a mission, but this was no ordinary mission. With every day that passed, Jack Stallion moved further out of his grasp, and so did the map that would lead him to lost treasure of Quazlatah. Apparently the pirate had only acquired half of the map, but that was half a map more than Valentine had. The assassination of one barkeep was a simple exchange to make for all of the information that the Governor had on captain Stallion.

That barkeep was currently chatting quietly with a blonde haired woman who was dressed like a sailor. With all the noise in the bar, it would have been impossible for Valentine to overhear their conversation if it wasn't for his body modifications. He casually ran a hand through his hair, while adjusting the gears and switches on the brass plate above his right ear. Rosita's and the woman's voices were isolated quite neatly when he tilted his head towards them.

"I'm okay Daenelia, it doesn't feel as half as bad as it looks."

"Whatever you say, Rosita. You're the toughest woman I know. But I'm still worried about this Governor. Of all the times I've visited Seaport there's never been anything like this."

"I know. Even I'm not sure how that bastard got himself so many friends so quickly. And it's getting worse every day. But don't you worry, me and my Sons will keep Seaport safe."

A couple of men walked between Valentine and the barkeep, and thanks to his gadget their chatting echoed as loud as thunder in Valentine's head. for a moment it was all he could do to keep from fainting. When the ringing stopped, Valentine thought twice about turning the amplifier back on. But he didn't want to miss out on any information on Rosita's immediate plans.

"How is it going with the repairs, Daenelia? That fight with Jack took a lot out of you."

"The Steamhawke is skyworthy again, and we've got enough sailors to make it fly."

"That's great news. You must be anxious to set sail for the Old West, to continue your little treasure hunt."

"Yes, I've been spending every spare minute looking at both halves of the map, and I can smell that western air already."

Valentine slurped on his beer in surprise, but othewise kept his cool. This wasn't what he expected to hear. Had Jack Stallion been defeated? Did the other half of the map exist, and did this Daenelia woman have it in her possession?

"So when do you set sail?"

There was an uncomfortable silence, and Valentine stole a look in Rosita's direction. They were still standing there, but Daenelia was avoiding the barkeep's gaze.

"I can't leave just yet. My ship might be ready to leave, but I am not and neither are my crew. I'm going to help you get rid of the Governor, and I'm bringing my crew with me."

"You can't do that! Daenelia, I can't let you put your crew's life in danger just for Seaport politics. We have always dealt with our own problems, and we always will."

"Rosita, Seaport is for everyone. If the Governor gains any more power, then it's over for all of us. The Steamhawke isn't going anywhere until this is sorted out."

Valentine left the bar. He had heard enough. His objective was still to retrieve the lost treasure of Quazlatah, but the plan to achieve this had changed.


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