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A Place To Stay

Posted on Mon Nov 14th, 2011 @ 8:51am by Mate Kanya Ashand & Snot Rag Laudine Fortescue

Mission: Chapter 1: The Sea and the Port

After the tour, Laudine had realized she really couldn't go home. She'd already left her letter for her mom, who had probably read it by now. If Laudine went back, there was no way her mother would let the girl out of her site long enough to leave again. So, when McGinty had told the tour takers to leave, Laudine had made her way to where she remembered the sleeping quarters to be. There shouldn't be any problem with her sticking around, she decided, since the captain had already accepted her for the crew as far as Laudine could tell.

She wouldn't admit it, but there was a part of Laudine that was a little nervous. That McGinty fellow hadn't seemed like a very friendly type of person, and he probably wouldn't be very happy if he found her down there. As Laudine found herself a spot to settle down, and maybe sleep, for a bit, she tried to keep an eye and an ear open for signs of the old man.

When she was absolutely sure that nobody was outside, she turned around and surveyed the hammocks in the quarters. Most of them were made of thick canvas and were patched and worn at places. Probably made of extra or old sailcloth, Laudine thought. They were also large, apparently created with tall, large men in mind. They didn't look as comfortable as the soft cotton sheets she had at home, but she didn't mind. She definitely knew what she signed up for.

Laudine yawned and scratched her eyes, eager to get some rest after that long, long day. She spied a hammock with something that looked like a large, soft pillow inside and dove in.




"What the..."

She stared face to face with what had been the "pillow," a girl around her age - or maybe younger - with brown skin and large, black eyes which, at present, looked all red, puffy and confused.

The girl, Kanya, had also been tired. After all, it's not every day the captain of a pirate ship makes you the shipwright, a role which she knew was a responsibility larger than she had ever had before. It wasn't also every day that she had a bath. She hadn't realized how dirty she had been. It took a lot of effort - and a lot of soap - to scrub off all the coal dust and grime that had accumulated on her body and her clothes. The endeavor had exhausted her so much that she went straight to the quarters, snuggled into a warm cotton blanket, and proceeded to go into a deep slumber... Only to be awoken by this girl - or what is a boy - who had dove on her from behind.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Laudine gasped, equally shocked at the encounter.

"You'd better be." muttered Kanya grumpily, rubbing her eyes. For a minute, she wanted to ignore the girl and snuggle back into her sheets, but then she ceased to feel sleepy at all.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Kanya. I work here. I just started, anyway." she replied, still sounding grumpy. "Who are you?"

"Laudine Fortescue," the younger girl said, sounding a little defensive as she spoke. She didn't like the tone Kanya was giving her, even if it was Laudine's fault that she had woken up. But still, she had apologized for it and that was worth something, wasn't it? "I'm a cabin girl," That part she said with pride, even if it was just a small role on a big ship, "Are you one too?"

"No, I'm the shipwright," Kanya told her, clearly annoyed at Laudine for interrupting her sleep.

"...The shipwright?" She asked, clearly not believing the other girl. "'re not much older than I am."

The look on Kanya's face clearly showed Laudine was getting on her nerves. "Can I help you?" she asked. Maybe if she found out what Laudine wanted, the girl would leave her alone and she could work on getting back to sleep.

"I was only looking for a place to sleep," Laudine said, also clearly annoyed at the interrogation, "And you looked pretty comfy."

"Well, I am not a bed," Kanya told her, "But the rest of these are empty as far as I know." As she spoke, she motioned to the other bunks around them. "Pick any one you want." With that, the older girl rolled over in her bunk, turning her back to Laudine and signalling the conversation was over. Laudine looked at the bunks Kanya had motioned to, picked one out for herself and climbed in.


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