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Land Flippin' Ho

Posted on Mon Aug 27th, 2012 @ 8:21pm by Master Ashrieda Sjaarda

Mission: Chapter 6: Desperate Times
Timeline: Day 2

Ashrieda hated Seaport.

It was ironic: she had joined the Steamhawke in order to get away from this place, and yet now, because of the Steamhawke, she was back here again. She had even dared to hope that they would stop in Elladia -- as stupid as that would have been, all things considered -- but no dice.

It would be easy to find another ship to join up with, she supposed. Preferably one that was leaving out of here as soon as possible, maybe a merchant ship or something. It wouldn’t take much to convince someone that she was legit and --

The idea turned her stomach, and she didn’t know why. It couldn’t have been that she felt a sense of loyalty to the Steamhawke, of course not. Ashrieda wasn’t inclined to feel loyal towards anything, really. No one had ever felt particularly loyal towards her, now did they? Maybe she was just feeling overly sensitive after the battle. She could blame it on the battle and on being back in Seaport. Or she could even note that she hadn’t seen the inside of someone’s bedroom in the longest time. That excuse always seemed to work well.

The point was, it was in Ashrieda’s best interests that the Steamhawke got fixed quickly.

She had spent most of their first day on the ship attempting and failing to be useful. Not that there’d been much to entertain her there, but it was still better than being out and about in Seaport and having certain people realize that she was back. She’d spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up the tiny part of the ship she considered to be her domain, and she had spent almost as long trying to get the soot out of her fingernails, and she had even almost gone to visit the sick bay, before she remembered that she sick bay always gave her the willies.

Eventually, though, boredom had gotten the best of her, and she realized that hiding out on the ship was getting pointless. Her plans for booze might have been foiled in Mypos, but if she was going to be stuck here, then by damn she was going to have some fun.

First things first though, a bit of reconnaissance was in order. It was time to find out what Rosita’s Sons had been up to these days.


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