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Posted on Tue Jun 19th, 2012 @ 10:37pm by Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 5: Into the Fire

"Yo ho yo ho and a bottle of rum" the cry went up across the deck, "yo ho yo ho". Men laboured pulling ors back and forth and the song added something to the air it seemed, it poured over the beat of the drums like soup left to long on the heat, thick, so thick you couldn't seem to help but sing when you heard it. "And a bottle of rum"

Even the man stood behind the large wheel swayed softly, even if he didn't sing himself, it wouldn't be seemly him joining in, him being the captain and all. A man of about 50 years from the look of him with skin almost turned to leather from salt and sea, His clothes were serviceable if not the height of fashion and his hat, a hat of a man with intentions bigger than his, a tri-corn with a feather sticking up from its brim.

They had been becalmed for a few days before he decided to dip the ors and try to find a port of any sort. The ship was a simple one, twin massed and quad cannoned, able to dip 24 ors at a time, no engine, no pipes or fans just the wind and the power of the crew to pull.

"All seems to be going well sir" a young boy who seemed to appear said as he handed the man behind the wheel a cup of tea.

"Yes, m'lad, we'll soon get there and then... then all our dreams will come true" he took a sip of the tea "mmmm thank you lad, this won't be forgotten when the time comes."

On the horizon, an island, one with supposed treasure from times gone by and heading to find her, one of the only ships which sailed the seas, The Crimson Belle and its captain James 'Jimmy' Darklighter.


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