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No escape

Posted on Sat Jul 7th, 2012 @ 5:18pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Brem de Berg & Mate J. Noone & Sailor Edward Marketh 2nd & Sailor Niles Oscar & Sailor Lorelei Loewe & Snot Rag Laudine Fortescue & Snot Rag Greyfeathre Romney & Mister Theristis Hill Jr & Mister Lleryn Aderyn & Mister Elliot Travers

Mission: Chapter 5: Into the Fire
Location: Sky Tiger

Captain Daenelia Bradley wiped the blood and the grime from her face, leaving streaks of clear flesh on her features. She instinctively reloaded her pistol, while around her the surviving crew of the Steamhawke were pulling themselves to their feet.

Erm pulled a sabre out of the deck, blood coating his arms and chest from wounds he may or may not have caused. He was shaken by how ferociously the enemy had fought for their lives and he didn't like how he felt from killing those who had attacked him. "Captain?" he asked without looking to see if she was around, "I don't feel so go.."

He threw up.

Daenelia looked over and politely ignored the vomit, "You did well" she said to him before raising her voice so all of the crew on deck could hear "You all did well, we may have lost a few brave souls to the attack but things aren't over yet. I need you to get the doctor out here, if he can't come take those who are too wounded to fight to him. Those of you who can fight, throw the attackers over the side and get ready, things haven't finished here yet".

She looked around and grabbed a random person, who looked unharmed enough to be sent on an errand. "Take a look in the engine room, will ya? See if they need any assistance, and tell them to make sure the engines are working at top speed within 15 minutes." She had barely finished her message, when she looked over to where the Sky Tiger was once again turning, but slowly. Fifteen minutes might not be enough.

=== Engine Room ===

Dottie was coughing up blood. She frantically held her ribs, looking for wounds or broken ribs. Then she realised it was just another molar rattling in her mouth. She wiggled it with her tongue, but it wouldn't come out. She looked down at the big burly pirate on the floor, her knife stuck in his throat. He threw a mean punch. He wouldn't do that again. She looked around, and saw more bodies. Two engineers were working on the engines, an apprentice shoveling coal while bleeding from a wound on his forehead. "More coal!" a stern cry came, and Dottie picked up a shovel and helped the apprentice with his job.

"Don't worry girl" a voice called down "We'll get you fixed up good when were out of here." Brem dropped down to the deck and looked around, "gods damn it! Your beat up bad, just keep on for now."

Steam screamed out of junctions in the pipes and others were dented out of place, it would take a miracle to keep the ship going but Brem knew he had to do it, he hadn't had a ship die on him in many a year. "Listen up you lot, we need to patch the pipes for now or else we don't have enough power to keep her up. Those of you not shovelin get rags and start tiein them. Don't need to be perfect just steady for now."

He moved over to one of the panels and said "I know you can keep going..."

=== Gun Deck ===

Things were no better on the gun deck, with only a handful of crew members still standing. Finn was still missing his left prosthetic arm. The Elphin hoped that he'd be able to find it buried under the debris that surrounded them, but there was no spare time to look for it. He helped Niles right one of the cannons that had been knocked over in the battle. There weren't enough cannons left to cover every angle of attack. Instead the gunners would have to keep repositioning the cannons as best they could.

"This one next" Finn nodded to Niles, and together they turned around another one of the cannons. Suddenly they were bathed in shadow, the sunlight from the holes obscured. Niles stood up and took a step back, in awe of the sight of the Sky Tiger pulling alongside the Steamhawke. They were face-to-face with the Sky Tiger's gun decks... two rows of cannons pointing back at them. Between the portholes the old ship was carpeted with heavy steel plates, but many of them were damaged and hanging loose. The two ships were at point-blank range.

The panicked shouting from above was loud, but Finn yelled above the din. "All guns to starboard!"

The final battle had begun.


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