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Painful anticipation

Posted on Sun Nov 6th, 2011 @ 9:24pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty

Mission: Chapter 1: The Sea and the Port
Location: The Ratbag Inn, Seaport
Timeline: After the tour

There was only one thing the people of Seaport were talking about.

It had been several hours since the "tour". Two dozen pirates who had heard that Captain Daenelia Bradley was looking for a new crew had visited her ship and had a confusing hour with a confused old man for a tour guide. They had also gotten a close look at the Steamhawke and heard that before long the captain herself would show up in Barnacle's Bar and officially announce her offer.

It was excellent business for Barnacle's Bar and Seaport in general. The news had spread far and wide and the port was packed with visitors. Everyone loves a mystery.

In the bar of the Ratbagg Inn, one of the less reputable establishments near the docks, four pirates were sat around a table.

Dottie O'Toole chewed on her cigar and looked at her hand of playing cards. The other three were all busy chatting.

"...and then the girl ran away from the codger and hid behind some barrels, it was the funniest thing I've ever seen!" the dark-haired man laughed throatily and slapped the table.

"I heard that the captain has already recruited some new crew members. What if all the highest-paying positions have already been taken?" asked the younger man opposite him.

"Shut up Nate, you know you can't keep your pockets full for long." barked the green elphin, humourously.

"Royal flush." smiled Dottie around the cigar. She threw down her cards and pumped her fist in the air, laughing and choking slightly on the tobacco smoke. The others groaned as she scooped the pieces of eight in her direction.

"You're a very talented girl" rasped the dark-haired man. It was the man in the old naval uniform that had taken part in the tour of the Steamhawke. "And I'm starting to like you more every minute. Shall we play a different kind of game?" he leered at her.

Quick as a flash Dottie pulled a knife from under the table and pinned him to the table by his sleeve. "Keep it in your pants mr. Robinson or you might just lose it".

The other men laughed, the elphin clapping Nate on the shoulder. Dottie just took it all on her stride and started adeptly shuffling the cards while puffing on her cigar. Julian Robinson angrily pulled the knife out from his sleeve and inspected the damage. "Wench!" he barked over his shoulder. "More ale over here!"

"I heard the captain was a capable woman. And there's no shortage of experienced pirates around here. What if she doesn't hire me, Herring?" Nate asked the elphin.

Herring Finly smiled at his old friend. "She wouldn't be a very good captain if she didn't know talent when she saw it. You have been at sky for just as long as I have, Nate. You've got some very useful skills." The elphin clasped his brass hands together and glanced at the young blonde woman. "What about you Dottie, will be you in Barnacle's Bar tomorrow?"

"You betcha." Dottie swiftly dealt out the cards. "If the ship is anything like mr. Robinson describes then I'm already in love."

Julian had already finished his mug of ale. "If only I had a propeller sticking out of my arse as well. Maybe you'd love me too."

"That can always be arranged."


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