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Defense of the Steamhawke

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2012 @ 8:01pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Brem de Berg & Mate J. Noone & Sailor Edward Marketh 2nd & Sailor Niles Oscar & Sailor Lorelei Loewe & Snot Rag Laudine Fortescue & Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Snot Rag Greyfeathre Romney & Mister Theristis Hill Jr & Mister Lleryn Aderyn & Mister Elliot Travers & Mate Ivan Petrov

Mission: Chapter 5: Into the Fire
Location: Steamhawke, everywhere

"We've been boarded! Every man to his weapons!" came the Captain's call down the communications pipe.

"Seal the hatch!" yelled Brem in the engine room. "Nobody gets in! And nobody gets out!" "Are you crazy?" asked Dottie. "We'll be trapped in here!" "That's right, my dear" replied Brem, "It'll take those boarders a whole lot of gunpowder to break down that hatch and take the engine room!"

Among the boarders up on deck, a giant of a man swung around looking for the clearest route below decks, a barrel of gunpowder strapped to his back...

"For the Steamhawke!" shouted Captain Daenelia as she led the charge across the deck of the the ship, her pistol in one hand and her sword in the other, the defenders crashing into the boarders with furious force.

Erm stood dazed as he looked around the deck, they were being boarded and he was in the thick of it. It took a few moments to realise he wouldn't be getting back into the engine room this side of the battle so he would have to fight and that was something he didn't have much experience with, for one he didn't even have a weapon.

"chom 'ere boyo" a gruff voice sounded behind him, turning he saw its owner, a man no taller than him with muscles with hair all over his body, a vicious looking scar traced its way right across his body and the sword in his hand looked much too small for him. "No thanks" was all Erm could think of saying. "Wern't askin'" the man replied with a leap.

BANG! Erm screwed his eyes shut at the sound as he waited for his death to come, when it didn't though he opened his eyes to see the man lay dead at his feet, a hole leaking blood and brain in the side of his head. "Take his sword" he heard without knowing who exacily had saved him "Defend the ship Erm, make Brem proud."

Swiftly moving, Daenelia fired left and right, only using her sword when close to an enemy. No time to think, just to act and react. A pirate aimed a knife at her chest, only to have his wrist slashed by an uppercut of the Captain's sword. Moving, always moving; to stand still was to be a target. A bullet ripped a hole in her sleeve, grazing her upper arm. She turned around, her arm stretched out with her pistol in her hand, aiming at a scrawny man's back as he was fighting with a deckhand. The enemy pirate fell forward, on top of the body of the deckhand. No time to remember the deckhand's name.

Daenelia jumped over a screaming woman, unsure if she was friend of foe, and stuck the pointy end of her sword in the leg of a man attacking Erm. She felt the blade snap, before she heard the twang. The man's leg was made from steel, and springs and pistons. Her blade had got caught without doing any damage. She ducked and picked up another sword, keeping track of how many bullets she had left. Only two? She hacked away, swinging her new found sword, trying to get used to its balance and grip. She felt someone at her back, and swung her head around, to find a friendly face. "I've got your back, Captain!" she heard. She grinned and stabbed a woman in the throat.

The deck was getting slippery in places.

Amidst the chaos, Niles, with the help of her partner fired one more canon ball at the SkyTiger. She heard a loud bang right behind her and felt a sharp pain at the side of her neck. She spun around to see a man pointing a gun in her direction. She realized that he had shot at her and missed her vital points. Her elphin skin was too tough to be easily penetrated by bullets but there were weak spots one could shoot to easily kill her. Luckily, that shot just grazed her.

He smirked at her and chuckled, making his bushy mustache dance a little on his sun burnt face. The man attempted to reload as she quickly yanked her rifle out of the holster that was slung around her shoulder. She shot at him, hitting him right between his eyes and instantly killed him. She smiled smugly at his body as she reloaded.

The smile was quickly wept off of her face when she heard a tiny cry and looked up to see a woman charging at her with a sword held above her head. Niles quickly turned her rifle to the side. The woman swung her sword downwards at Niles' face and it met the barrel of her rifle with a clang. She swung her webbed feet up, kicking the woman in her stomach and knocking her off of her feet. She shot at the woman with her rifle, eliminating her, too.

She smiled a little. She honestly hadn't gotten as much action as that since she boarded the Steamhawke and had missed the old bar fights she got into before joining the crew. She saw an enemy pirate take out gunners that were working with a canon close to hers. She looked at the blood on the floor from two of her dead crew mates. The man wiped the blood off of his machetes on his pants and gave her a bloodthirsty smile. She pointed her rifle at him and saw the look on his face change into a fearful one . She smirked at him and pulled the trigger. There was no noise besides a click.

Oh, right! she thought, I forgot to reload!

She searched herself for bullets. There was none. The one she used on the woman was her last one. The man who she had been planning to take out realized this, too, and was now nearing her, laughing.

"Shit," she muttered.

Finn was suddenly next to Niles, holding a cannonball between his brass hands. He had scooped it off the floor, where some of the cannonballs were rolling around the floor of the gun deck as the Steamhawke turned away from the Sky Tiger. Like an athlete wielding a shot put, the Elphin span on his heels and tossed the cannonball directly at the pirate with the machetes. The man was knocked over from the impact, slid along the deck and into then slammed into the side wall. "I got it!" yelled Finn.

The engine room felt hot, hotter than it had done for a long while. With the door closed and bared there was no way fresh air could reach the poor souls who were working away in there. "Drink some water if you need it" Brem bellowed to his crew "it could be a while we're in here."

On the deck Erm flicked his wrist in a circular motion to try and slip his blade past his opponents, a girl no older than him with a long braid down her back, but she did the same to him and the two pommels slammed together. "This happen alot to you does it?" she said through gritted teeth. "Only with you" Erm replied.

As Daenelia was fighting back to back with two other crewmates, she was suddenly thrown off her feet against a mast by an explosion from below deck. "The engine room!" she shouted, but with her ears still ringing from the explosion it sounded distant, even to her own ears.

In the engine room, Dottie had been pressed into the far wall by the explosion. The room was full of smoke, her ears were ringing, and her eyes were stinging. Brem was sprawled on the floor in front of the engines. Dottie looked up at the hatch, and to her horror she saw at least six enemy pirates pour through the hole where the hatch had been. The engineers, apprentices and assorted crewmembers where coughing and rubbing their ears or their eyes.

"Stand your ground!" Brem yelled through the smoke in his powerfull voice. Dottie reach for her knives and slowly got up, waiting for the right moment to attack the boarding party.


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