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Cat on a Wet Poopdeck

Posted on Sun Apr 1st, 2012 @ 12:32pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Pet Copper
Edited on on Sun Apr 1st, 2012 @ 12:47pm

Mission: Chapter 4: Storm Brewing
Location: The poodeck, near the stearwheel
Timeline: Late on day 1

Copper the Cat did not like the fog much. He felt clammy all over, and there were no warm dry places left to sleep in. Even the kitchen, where there was usually both warmth and food, was unpleasant, and the engine room which was usually so hot was now cold, with the engines dead. Besides, the way that engineer was wailing, Copper could not sleep a wink.

So up on deck he went. His left hind leg ticked out his pace, a slow staccato rythm. He found a temporary sympathising companion in Greyfeather, the kitling. But soon she left to go up in the kitling nest, to try and do her job as a lookout. Copper sat under the mast, looking up forlornly. He bellowed out one long meow. But no one heard him, or no one cared. He hung his head and slowly walked to the 4 steps up to the poopdeck. There was someone there. Copper held his head high and threw his tail in the air. A short cute meow should attract some attention. Maybe a cuddle in warm arms would be his reward. He walked up right to the human at the wheel, and looked up with hope in his cute eyes.

"Scram!" Daenelia said to the cat walking up to her. "Go below deck, before someone knocks you overboard!" She extended a leg and tried to steer the cat back to the steps. She could only stretch so far, because she was holding on to the wheel for no particular reason. They weren't moving, or flying, and there was no need to hold the wheel. In fact, she could have just locked the wheel in place with the two ropes attached to the deck, which were usually used to keep the wheel in the same position. But holding the wheel made Daenelia feel in control.

Copper wasn't about to leave just because the Captain ordered. He deftly avoided her feet pushing him away, and jumped up on the wheel to stare her in the face. His left hind leg, with the gears and machinery whirred a little. Daenelia spluttered and frowned, because she did not want to let go of the wheel to take the cat below deck. Copper cocked his head to the side, and blinked at her. Daenelia could swear he smirked. "That's it!" She quickly let go of the wheel, pulled the looped ropes over the handles to fasten it, and picked up the cat. Copper purred. Success...

"You are insobordinate, Mister," Daenelia muttered, as she held the cat close. His backside rested on her left arm, as she held on to his torso. Her right hand was just behind his ears. Daenelia was not aware of how she gently started scratching him, but Copper purred louder. It was warm, and comforting, and he didn't mind at all. "I can't have my crew be disobedient!" Daenelia whispered in Copper's ear. Copper put his paw on her cheek.

For a little while Daenelia felt like herself again, and she wondered what made her act so strange. She took the cat below deck, straight to the meeting room. There she put him on the table, which contained the maps and the notes she had collected. And right there, the last notes, the ones she made from Ivan's statements. She turned to go back upstairs to give orders to move up and out. But at the door she paused, and listened.

"Wait a minute...," she looked at Copper, as if for confirmation. "The engines are still dead!?" As fast as she could she ran to the engine room, to yell at Brem and whoever else was there. They needed these engines fixed, so they could fly away!


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