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A discovery lost

Posted on Mon Apr 9th, 2012 @ 3:20pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty

Mission: Chapter 4: Storm Brewing
Location: The middle of the fog
Timeline: Day 1

As the ship followed Ivan's bearings, the crew gradually lost all sense of time. None of the timepieces on board were working properly and there was no way to tell from the endless fog whether it was midday or midnight. Sometimes there were heated arguments and the captain even had to break up a fight over whether it was 1pm or 2pm. "It's 3pm!" she stated, and that was the official time of day for the rest of the journey.

Shafts of light sometimes pierced the alchemical fog that surrounded the Steamhawke. But it soon became clear that it wasn't sunlight, as the shafts became no less frequent as time progressed. Whatever the source of the lights, they were at least useful as navigational aids. The Steamhawke was keeping on course, and about to find a discovery lost...

It was a sky ship. An old model by the looks of it. As Daenelia observed it through a huge telescope, it reminded her of the Sky Tiger, Captain Stallion's ship that she used to serve aboard. But while the Sky Tiger had been modified and renovated over the years to keep it skyworthy, this one looked primitive in comparison. But the strangest thing was that the ship was floating in mid-air without engines or wind keeping it aloft. The propellers were old, rusted, and definitely not moving. The sails were mere tatters and the front mast was snapped off in the middle.

"It looks like it's been through a brutal ship battle, Captain" suggested Sjaarda. "Any idea which ship it is?"

"It's the Amethyst, Cap'm" came a voice on the deck from behind Sjaarda and the Captain. It was Chops McGinty, and his eyes were wider than ever. He had been acting increasingly strange the further the ship sailed through the fog, as Brem could attest to. "The Amethyst..." replied Daenelia. "That was Purple Pete's ship..."

"Purple... Pete?" asked Sjaarda. Daenelia explained. "He was Blue Barry's brother. Blue Barry killed his own brother in a ship-to-ship battle, or so the legend goes. While we were in Mypos we found out that Barry had inherited the lost treasure of Quazlatah and was trying to hide it from his brother. That's why we came into the fog in the first place, because it's the most likely hiding place."

"What better place to hide the treasure than onboard that ship." Sjaarda's eyes lit up as she spoke. "And Ivan's bearings have led us right to it. It all makes sense now!"

The Captain put her hands on her hips. "We'll have to assemble a boarding party to go take a look. It's not a combat mission, but a war dog or two would be a good idea, and..." But McGinty cut off the captain by grabbing her by the shoulders. "No Cap'm! Ye cannae go aboard that sky ship! Dom't you realise that every man Barry killed is looking for revemge? And nobody is amgrier than his brother!" The old man was shaking Daenelia with a lot of force, but working together Sjaarda and the Captain managed to restrain him. He eventually lost his gusto and flopped defeated in their arms. Daenelia saw to it that McGinty was left to recuperate where he felt the most at home, in the storage closet along with the cleaning materials.

It was time to put together a group of brave individuals to step aboard the Amethyst in search of the treasure that the crew had been seeking for so long.


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