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Engine problems

Posted on Thu Feb 23rd, 2012 @ 9:59am by Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 4: Storm Brewing
Location: The engine room
Timeline: In the fog

Traveling into the fog was something that Brem and the rest of the engineers on the ship were cursing with every moment they were there. For some reason the mechanics of the engine didn't like doing what they were supposed to be doing and they didn't know why, much to Brems frustration.

"Surrr!" Erm called from across the engine room, "it's happened again!"

Brem knew exactly what Erm meant when he said that. The fire used to heat the coal was normally kept at a steady temperature but in the fog it would shoot up or drop dangerously low at a moment's notice. They had tried to shield it from all outside influences but it hadn't worked and with Erm having his arm in a sling he had been set to watch for anything which could have been causing the problem.

"What did you see this time?" Brem demanded

"Can't be sure surr..." Erm replied looking at his feet

"I don't care if it sounds stupid boy, we need to sort this out before the capt'n realises"

"Well.... It looked like a hand of fog wafted over the fire and whoosh!"

"Stupid boy Erm!" Brem yelled "How can there be a hand in the fog, and how can it only be over the engines?"

From somewhere behind the engine a voice called "It's not just there sur! There is a smear of the fog in the air all over the place"

"Gods damn it" Brem shouted into the air "How in hoods name can there be fog in here? We're a sealed room"


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